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stfinney 11-26-2002 02:09 PM

350 sbc question
I have a 350 sbc with a Weiand Action-Plus Aluminum Intake, 1 inch spacer plate, 487X heads with 1.94/1.50 valves, Z28 .500 lift springs and a 278 duration cam with 222 @ 50 and a lift of .467. What would be a good torque converter stall and rear end gears to get the most out of this setup? I use this mainly for street purposes in a 72 fullsize truck weighing about 3500-4000lbs with driver. Some towing occasionally.

racer56 11-26-2002 02:17 PM

I would put in 3.73 gears if you're running bigger than stock tires in the back and have a non-overdrive trans. If you think that is abit steep then 3.55 would be a nice gear and also not too bad going down the highway. If I didn't use the factory converter I wouldn't go very much above stock.

DoubleVision 11-26-2002 02:21 PM

I`d use a TCI saturday night special 2000 stall converter or anything similiar, and some 3.42:1 gears or possibly 3.73`s if your running a tall tire.

stfinney 11-26-2002 04:10 PM

I have a rebuilt TH-350 and 265-75-15 tires on the back.

racer56 11-26-2002 04:22 PM

A 265/75 would be pretty tall. Are you sure it isn't a 70 series? Either way I would go with the 3.73 gears. It will be alot more pep without any trade offs around town but going down the highway will be running plenty of rpm.

stfinney 11-26-2002 04:31 PM

Yeah, the tires are made by Pirelli. I did some checking and they are about the only ones with that size tire. Right now I have 3.08 gears and they suck with my setup. I usually run around 2200-2400 rpm at 55-60mph. I don't do that much interstate driving, but when I do, I don't want to be running in the 4000rpm range. So, what would be your recommendation?

racer56 11-26-2002 04:34 PM

3.55 will be more what you want.

stfinney 11-26-2002 04:36 PM

Ok, thanks. Do these gears have a pretty good launch to them with a 2000 stall converter??

racer56 11-26-2002 04:46 PM

You'll be very happy with the difference from your factory gears.

stfinney 11-26-2002 05:03 PM

Are 3.42 and 3.55 about the same? Who carries the 3.55 in a 12-bolt 8.875" truck? All I have found is the 3.42. Thanks!!

racer56 11-26-2002 05:10 PM

3.42 would be fine and still a big improvement over the factory gears. I can't find my little rpm chart for gear and tire size to get rpm. They have them all over the net though. Maybe you just have to bite the bullet and put in some 3.73 I did find those. :D

stfinney 11-26-2002 05:13 PM

Off the top of your head then, (lol) what would be the rpm difference between 3.42 and 3.73 gears?

racer56 11-26-2002 06:18 PM

I would say without finding my dang chart. 500-600 rpm's. Just a guess though, I would try to find a gear chart on the net to make sure.

stfinney 11-26-2002 07:30 PM

I found a good site for the gear selection. It is :

dion 11-28-2002 02:51 PM

I have 3.54 and a 3000 stall converter, they work very well off the line and on the highway.

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