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Originally Posted by RD46290 View Post
Thanks for the reply Bogie. I have been trying to make a decision on the engine replacement for about a month now. As I said I am not an expert on this and was just wanting to beef up the new engine I am putting in. I am almost thinking the best thing to do is go with the more stock 350/200 engine and add a couple things to get a little more HP, but if I was able come up with some more $ have you or anyone else dealt with Blueprint engines? I found this engine today and it looks like it would work with my set up.
Blueprint Engines BP38301CT Blueprint Engines SB-Chevy 383ci TBI Truck Engines
This is a stroker 383 with a good crank and rebuilt rods with beefec up bolts, the heads I'm gussing these are Swirl Ports as they say modified stock heads with with larger valves for what they are worth on those ports. The swirl vane limits the 350 to about 4500 RPM. Larger valves won't change that without some serious port grinding to eliminate the swirl vane.

The cam is about as far as you can push TBI with a chip which I see is included without some extraordinary effort.

280 horses @4700 RPM is the advertised, it actaully is a pretty flat curve getting close to that level 4200-4300 then just hanging there. You'll pick up a lot of torque just from the larger displacement and longer stroke. The horsepower is really limited by the TBI's fuel and air delivery capacity. There are 670 cfm TBI's out there Holley or 454 GM used a 2 or 1-7/8's throttle bore respectivly. But the issue is really how much fuel can you deliver with 2 injectors and 280 hp is about it again without getting into fancy mods to the injectors, read that expensive. You can crack 330 hp with just two injectors but getter there but they will empty your wallet as fast as your gas tank.

All in all this isn't bad, like I said getting big power numbers out of TBI ain't easy or cheap, this engine is right on that limit where it costs really big bucks to go further. But given your existing engine has been rated somewhere between 190 and 210 HP (GM seems to change the rating from year to year with no apparent changes to the engine) so 280 HP will be felt by you.

GM 383 Engine Specs (BP38301CT) | BluePrint Engines

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