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apexrig1 03-26-2012 06:43 PM

350 vortec help
I've been building a 350 for something to do this winter and finally starting to assemble everything and get her on the dyno. I used a 96 vortec block since I could take advantage of the roller setup and steel crank. Went with the pro comp alum heads and ported them. Got a flow of 295cfm. Thought that was decent for a low buck head. Camshaft is .525 lift about 230 duration @050. Flat tops should be right on 10:1 when done. Air gap intake. 750cfm carb.
Does anyone think I can get 450-475 from this setup??

And my next question!
Has anyone had troubles with the oil galley plugs from the federal mogul frost plug kit not fitting? They were way too small. I ended up installing a 19/32 plug but when it went in it pulled out with the punch I used. But it went in tight? Has anyone had this problem? Could a person tap and install threaded plugs?

DoubleVision 03-26-2012 07:03 PM

The issue you ran into with the galley plugs is due to the Vortec block having plugs that are larger and stick out further than Genration 1 small blocks, GM made this change sometimes in the early 90's. Also worth mentioning because they stick out further you must use a timing chain that is for Vortec blocks, if you got a timing set that is just for the sbc with oem roller cam the cam sprocket will make contact with the block right in the center of the upper galley plug. This can be corrected but the areas of contact will have to be ground down to create clearance.

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