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Originally Posted by ChevelleSS_LS6
what's the difference between the 351Clevland and the Windsor?

The 351 as a bb ford, are you speaking of a 352 Ford Truck motor?
Ford doesn't really follow the "small block / big block" nomenclature that Chevrolet and Chrysler use.

Here is the ford engine lineup for the 60's to 90's

260, 289, 302 (5.0), and 351W (5.8W) are "Windsor" small-blocks (Was there one smaller, too? 221?) All of these engines had 6-bolt narrow valve covers, which gave them a "small-block" look. They had smaller and straight (not canted) valves, except for the "Boss 302" ... more on that below. The thermostat mounted horizontally on the front of the intake manifold, so thermostat housings were a big seller on these engines! Intake & Exhaust valves/ports were small in comparison.

351C, 351M, 370, 400, 429, and 460 belong to the "335 series" which all had larger ports and canted valves.

351C/M and 400 were known as the "Cleveland" engines and 370, 429, 460 were known as "Lima" engines, for thier respective assembly plants.

The "Cleveland" engines had an extended section on the front of the cylinder block that housed the thermostat and water pump. The fuel pump bolts were vertically oriented. The valve covers had 8 bolts. The thermostat housing was mounted in a vertical direction on the front of the aforementioned block extension. The exhaust ports had a staggered pattern of "one up, one down" and had individual flanges. The 351C-4V, Boss, and CJ all had huge intake and exhaust valves and ports for engines of this size. (Like a big-block Chevy or Ford "Lima" engine) 351M/400 used the same, or at least similar, heads as the 351C-2V with smaller valves and ports. 351C (2V & 4V) used the same bellhousing pattern as the Windsor engines, but the 351M/400 used the same pattern as the Lima engines.

The Lima engines were similar in appearance to the Cleveland, but not quite the same. The fuel pump bolts were horizontally oriented, similar to almost everyone else's V/8's. There was a short,straight water pump bypass hose. The exhaust ports shared a common flange, and the bolts were also in-line horizontally.I don't recall the number of valve cover bolts, but they were different than the Clevelands as well.

The "Boss 302" was a bit of a hybrid ... a 4-bolt main Windsor engine with "Cleveland" - style heads. These heads were a very close copy, but there were differences in the coolant passages.

352, 360, 390, 410, 427, and 428 are "FE series" Passenger / Light Truck engines
330, 359, 361, 389, 391 are "FE series" MD / HD Truck Engines

These babies, especially the HD ones, were big and heavy! The cast intake manifold weighs about 150 lbs. and is partially covered by the valve cover which incedentally was a 5-bolt. The water pump is mounted to the front of the block on two pedestals (similar to SB Chev). Fuel pump bolts are horizontal. Plugs are angled, with the first two facing rearward at 45 and the rear ones facing forward. The HD engines had a VERY large journal crank ... but that didn't stop them from snapping like pretzels.

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