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Originally Posted by ChevelleSS_LS6
what's the difference between the 351Clevland and the Windsor?

The 351 as a bb ford, are you speaking of a 352 Ford Truck motor?
351 cube C and W, (as well as M and FE) are different engines, unique to their own series. Almost nothing interchanges. I won't rehash the differences.(If I said factory built Chevy 400, would that be a big block or a small block?) Hence my earlier comments #3.

Contrary to popular belief there are minimal parts commonality between the 351 cube C and M, though they look somewhat alike, as well as engine mounts and bellhousing patterns are different. That's why they called it the M. The C bolts up like a small block, the M bolts up like a big block.
What really makes a big block or small block? Cubes or the way they bolt together?

Ok guys, bare in mind I did not say that you couldn't drill, machine, weld, grind, and hammer parts and make them fit something else.

You didn't ask but...but it is in this thread....
There are 4 different series/styles of Ford engines listed as 351/352 cubic inches, each with 4.00 bore and 3.50 stroke. (not even considering the HD series "bus" engines similar to FEs.) They are all 351.6 cubes, hence the FE engine is the 352. The W came next in 69, then the C in 70, then the M series in 73. Each designated by manufacturing plant and then M for modified (or Midland, supposedly the man behind the design?).

The (352) FE was introduced as a car engine and originally came in short 3.30 stroke 332 cubes.
The "Fairlane" small block also was originally a small bore 221 cubes (with the 289 crank stroke of 2.87).

As to whether small blocks 221>302 should be called Windsors.... (small blocks came first by 7 years).... that is controversial because that term Windsor came into common useage only after the C came out a year later in 70 to distinguish the 351s. Initially one engine series was built at the Windsor plant, the other series at the Cleveland plant. C and W.

Should a Boss 302 be called a Cleveland? The small block Boss came first and the C series used a modified design of the Boss head. The Boss 351 (C) is a different animal than the B302.

66GMC you are under a misconception as to how the green-dot works.
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