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So after some reading and googling around, I put up a wishlist... I dont want my engine to blow for a couple hundred bucks I didnt spend so maybe I'll take the build slow so i can save some money in between... Anyways take a look and give me some feedback please!

Dart SB-Ford Pro 1 Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Scorpion Race Series Rocker Arms
KB Signature Series Hypereutectic
Moly Rings 1/16'', 1/16'', 3/16''
Carburator Edelbrock 750 cfm NON EGR, maunal choke
RPM Air gap manifold
Mehcanical Fuel pump 110GPH
High volume oil pump
High volume mechanical Water pump
Mallory Promaster Series Distributors 8578M
MSD 6A ignition box
MSD blaster 2 coil

Details on the heads>>

Intake Ports: 170cc
Combustion Chambers: 62cc
Valves: 1.94" Int/1.60" Exh
Angle Plug

Block: Iron or aluminum Ford
Valvetrain: Roller rockers 3/8" or 7/16" stud mount
Intake Port Location: Stock
Intake Port Dimensions: 1.980" x 1.100"
Intake Flow: 261 cfm @ .600" lift/28"
Intake Gasket: #375-1262
Exhaust Port Location: Raised .135"
Exhaust Port Dimensions: 1.330" x 1.340"
Exhaust Flow: 172 cfm @ .600" lift/28"
Exhaust Gasket: #375-1487
Manifold: Most with standard port location
Pushrod Length: Please measure
Pushrod Guide Plate: #249-4816-8 (flat)
Retainers: Steel
Stud Girdle: Any standard girdle
Valve Length: 4.890"
Valve Stem Diameter: .3415", 11/32"
Valve Guides: 1/2" OD Mag-Bronze (.002" press)
Valve Guide Length: 2.250"
Valve Guide Clearance: .0014" to .002" (using Dart .3415" valve stem)
Valve Guide Spacing: Moved .050" from stock
Valve Seats: Hardened Ductile Iron, .006" press
Valve Seat Dimensions: Intake 2.160" x 1.750" x .350", Exhaust 1.650" x 1.350" x .350"
Valve Seat Angles: Intake 32, 45, 60, 70; Exhaust 37, 45, radius

What do u guys think??
[[Meanwhile in my wallet>>]]

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