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355 Chevy hop-up, will this stuff work together?

Hello, this is my 1st post here. I'm an old fart & not up on all the latest.

I'm trying to get my 72 Monte back on the road. My son took it apart 13 years ago & then discovered girls. Now I have finally found the time to work on it.

Short block was assembled back in 1994. Center bored, original crank & rods balanced, all bolts are ARP. Deck resurfaced & still has .025" above pistons which are balanced flat top forged TRW L2256F30. Deep oil pan with scraper & windage tray. Good oil pump (forgot brand) Fluid Dampener on crank.

Now I'm putting the heads on. World Products S/R Torquer, 76cc, 2.02/1.60 SS valves, 171cc intake runners, shaved .030", ARP head bolts, Felpro rubber coated .015" steel shim head gasket. .040" quench. Static CR about 9.33:1

I really should have about .030" milled off the intake manifold port surfaces, but this would be difficult with all the injector accouterments, so I'm going to try to get it sealed without the milling???

Lunati hydraulic roller cam 110* LSA, advertised 290/300* , (232/242* ABDC 42* @.050) Lift with 1.52 roller rockers is .517/.532 , ARP rocker studs , good quality dual valve springs, pushrods, gears & chain (forgot brands) This is suppose to be a 6,500 RPM cam, but I won't go over 6K.

Dynamic CR at sea level of about 7.9 & at 5,280' where I drive most about 6.8 This might be streetable on the 91 octane gas that is sold here in Colorado?

Edelbrock Pro-Flo fuel injection system (in process of installing). I port matched the intake manifold and the heads. Some of the Edelbrock ports were twisted. I need advice on fresh air intake?

Hedman Elite 1-5/8" headers. I have built 1" thick aluminum anti-reversion plates that go between the heads & the headers & port match. 2-1/2" exhaust system with good open flow mufflers with H-pipe.

I know that I will loose about lots (35%) of power due to the thin air, I live at 8,500'

How should all this work together? Sea level HP & torque estimates?

All advice welcome.

Thanks Bill Patrick

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