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First, the article and reply from both the "Inspector" and "BYGDDY" spoke volumes so far! Thank you!

I have been using instead of manually figuring out my compression ratio which is where I got 9.92 SC/9.25DC @1750 altitude. Correct me if it's off and I should stop relying on that please. My piston ring height is .282". I put my digital caliper micrometer on it to see what it was. Also, the best i could see I had .025 piston to wall clearance. Not 100% on that measurement!

Possible solution....I do have another set of 062 heads that may be about 63cc Chambers. Should I use those instead, Gentlemen? It seems to be the easiest and cheapest way to go to run this combo together and use this as a daily driver. I did have Howards 224/230 @.050", .501/.509 cam. Intake Valve closes at 38.5 degrees. That is two steps higher but I sent it back upon 2 out of 3 people recommending I run the smaller cam with this exact set-up.

I have a .015" shim head gasket but was warned about running only .031" quench. Another guy swore that he runs .020" ALL the time with these vortec heads and about slapped me through the phone multiple times explaining the quench preventing pre-detonation and that I would be fine running the .031" quench.

What do you think Gents about the head and/or gasket change as the easiest fix? I do have a set of one piece 7.3" push rods for the other heads instead of the 7.144" that I'm using now to make the transition go fast and easy.

Also, as of today I am brand new as a user vice a reader only on the forum. How do I simply "qoute" and "reply" instead of going to the bottom of the page to reply and having to re-log in every time? Thanks for any and all of your expert advice. MUCH APPRECIATED! You Gentlemen are Champions in my eyes. Especially you "Inspector"...I've read some threads w you in them and am impressed at your expertise. Again, Thanks. Joel
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