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chevelle4542speed 04-09-2006 06:32 PM

366 Big Block Chevy 700+ HP
I Have Just Got A 366 Block. Iwanted To No If It Could Be A Performer Engine To Put In My Chevelle. I Read That U Could Bore It Out To A 467 Or 470 C.i. Is That True. Wat Is The Biggest U Can Bore It To.? I Keep Reading About Tall Deck. Wat Is A Deck Were Is It Located? Which One Is Better Short Or Tall? I Read On Hotrod Magizine U Can Get Over 700 Horse On A 11.o/1 Compression Ratio From This Motor. Wat Are Your Thought And Knowlede On This Engine? Thanks For Your Help!!
I Am Young And Trying To Learn As Much As Possoble About Automotive.

techinspector1 04-09-2006 08:28 PM

Sorry to bust your bubble young man, but the 366 is pretty much worthless as a performance motor. It is a big block motor, but is the smallest of the big blocks. The tiny bore (3.935") cannot be bored far enough to yield any appreciable cubic inches. The stock stroke is 3.760", same as the 396 and 427, but both those motors use a larger bore. You could install a stroker crank for more cubic inches, but the cost of the crank and special pistons would be prohibitive compared to the power you could get from other motor combinations.

To answer your question about the deck, that's the flat part of the block where the heads bolt on. The tall deck block is (I believe) 0.400" taller than a standard block like a 396, 427 and 454.

There were some tall deck 427 and 454 blocks that can be used effectively to make a large displacement motor, but your 366 block isn't one of them. Sorry. :smash:

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