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Originally Posted by NEW INTERIORS View Post
Same basic design !!!! Don't look like it to me.. If you start pushing the bottom arm forward or backwards they will start to bind.. What he needs to do is check to see first, Is make sure these are inline WITH the crossmember.. I'm not saying this is his problem.. But it's the first thing I would check to be sure one of the arms is not out of line.. (Because someone might have welded one of the strut brackets more forward then the other..)

Just think about this.. These arms was made to stick straite out the side off this crossmember.. The strut rod was added to THIS set up to hold THAT arm in place..(because it wasn't a true a-arm) Why would you want one of you lowwer ball joints ahead of the other.. Or behind the other.. This Make no sense at all.. And as far as the new cars go.. I would be willing to bet.. there isn't one with the ball joints pass the other.. The top is one thing.. But I really believe the bottoms are in line..
You are absolutely right and said better than I did, thank you. We aren't talking about having one ahead of the other, we are talking about making them both the same I think the original poster understood that being the caster is off almost the exact same. You are correct if all the parts are in good condition and exactly as it came from the factory you bet your butt the ball joints are in almost perfectly the same position side to side. It's when the car gets some miles on it that all gets changed. With a sagging frame or bent components for example a car needs to get aligned, why would any original car ever need an alignment? Because something changes, so yes the ball joint, (pivot point) gets moved over time, you then want to move it back to the original position. It's very common to move sub frames around to get proper alignment specs. That is what an alignment is about. And of course as you pointed out they are in the wrong place on this car, the pivot points are in the wrong place, correct? So, you have to move them back to where they belong. This takes moving the control arms, that is why he needs to either change the mounting points of these control arms (a BIG project) or get adjustable control arms, or make these adjustable somehow. But it's so far off (basically about SIX degrees caster) and the SAI has to be dealt with, just a little moving of the ball joint via an adjustable control arm still may not do it being 6 degrees is a LONG way.
I was thinking these adjustable control arms are his best bet, what do you think? But then I saw that it was only for with coil overs, I don't understand that part maybe you can help with that, why would it matter?

FORD MUSTANG II SPC Performance Street Rod and Musclecar Control Arms 94000 -

Anyway, there is a bunch of work to get this thing close, the suspension was obviously installed poorly. The guy didn't think about it as you would and make sure those ball joints are in the proper location.

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