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Originally Posted by camaroman7d
Killer i see your point but, I think you are assuming a few things and missing the point. 56Maynard put it VERY well. I agree 100%

I don't think you would go through the hassle of building a 377 if you weren't going to spin it. If not why even build it. Stock rods will take MUCH more punishment than people give them credit for. A cast crank and stock rods will spin 6500 and live. By making the stroke shorter that even gives them more RPM potential. You would not build a 377 with the same parts used in a low RPM 400. That doesn't mean either is better, that just means they are different. As I have always said (along with others) it ALL depends on the combination and the intended use.

If what you say was cut and dry, no small block would ever be able to beat a big block, PERIOD. I have put a lot of big blocks on the trailer with my small block (even before it was blown). There is more to making a car go fast than cubic inches. The more cubic inches you have, the more POTENTIAL you have to go fast or make power. It doesn't mean the bigger engine always DOES make more power or go faster.

Now if you want to start putting limitations on it, like below X RPM then things change. He didn't say which engine would be better under 5500, by nature the 377 is not going to compare to a 400 in that situation (if built the same).

I also agreed that the 377 is not the best street engine in most cases. Though if you put it in a nice stick car with a 6speed and steep gears and you would have a blast driving it. This is where the whole combination things comes up. Put that low RPM 400 in that same car and I'd take the 377 over it anyday. The 400 would be like driving a tractor. (get my point?).

Finally he was not asking if a 377 was "better" than a 400 he was just trying to get info on a 377.


Well I guess we can just agree to disagree. I'm sure in some circles in which CID is a limiting factor you would be better off with a 377, but dollar for dollar you'll always have a better chance with more cubes. I"m sure you've put some big blocks on the trailer with your smallblock, but that's really an exception to the rule. The whole reason people build bigblock motors is that they need the cubes, and its the oldest trick in the book, because it always works! Dollar for dollar, you'll nearly always be ahead with a 400.

Furthermore, I did get the impression that he sort-of asked which was "better" than the other, because he asked of the "advantages" of building a 377. Given that you can spend extra money making it into a 377 or just build a 400, the advantages in nearly any situation are voided. That's my point.
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