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Originally posted by 4 Jaw Chuck
Soda blast, the panels look like silk after and it does not warp even under extreme pressures like sand does. The particles are too light.
Agreed! I was going to mention soda in my post above, (I did say choose a gentle media) but not too many places offer it. Soda blasting is so gentle it can remove the paint from a soda can without distorting the aluminum. The soda crystals fracture on impact actually making small "explosion" which removes paint without disturbing the substrate. The media is only used once avoiding contaminents. It won't remove rust though. Cleanup is much easier too. Since the soda fractures on impact what is left is basically dust, making an airhose blowout much more effective. Also, since soda dissolves with water it can also be rinsed out of the nooks and crannys, if necessary, that plastic, shells or sand never seem to come completely out of.

It will save you a ton of work. If you can't find someone nearby who can do it, you may be able to rent the specialized pressue hopper delivery system, (ACCUSTRIP) and purchase the correct formulation of the media from the same source to do it yourself.
Check for more details. If you call the company they can probably refer you to a distributor near you.

Soda blasting was developed in 1985 during the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, and has gained prominence over the last decade as a viable method of surface preparation, for a variety of industries.
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