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JR Piston 03-09-2013 03:54 PM

383 Build ideas?
-Need ideas!-

I’ve been on this website multiple times to read multiple posts on different types of arguments and ideas for engine builds.(this one is the best around) However this is my first post. I guess you can call this my first engine build by myself but I have participated in others. i am building a chevy 383 street/strip motor.

This is what I have already: Two Bolt main :pain: with 200,000 PSI ARP Studs. Scat Forged crank. Scat Forged pro comp rods 5.7” with ARP Bolts. KB +5cc Forged pistons

My first question would be how many RPMs I can safely run with this bottom end? (Wish I had a four bolt mains but the block was free)

I’m looking for some good quality ideas for top end applications for my 383. Looking for close to 500hp and compression of around 10.5. (Needs to be able to drive on street. Not going on road trips will be 50/50 street strip). Not a huge budget build I do have money to spend on this motor but keep in mind I have other bills to pay. This will be naturally aspirated no blowers or turbo. Real Hp.


vinniekq2 03-09-2013 05:25 PM

the bottom end is fine.what heads can you afford? its not the horse power so much as the reliability that costs money.If you have time to assemble the engine a few times,you can save labour. are you using a solid roller cam? single or dual plane intake? carb?

JR Piston 03-09-2013 06:07 PM

I’m looking at a full roller set up with aluminum heads (trick flow, brodix, AFR). Will spend around $1,500 on heads (Not including rockers.) I’m in no rush to build this motor, taking my time. I will use an intake that best matches my cam. dont have a cam in mind yet. still doing my homework. Prob will run a Holley 750 (not set on that just a thought)

vinniekq2 03-09-2013 07:24 PM

when you decide what you need,then search for the heads to make the power.1/2 race allows bigger heads and bigger cam. 550 hp 383 is a hot street engine. needs decent CR, heads that flow 300 ish,solid roller, 750 or 850 cfm carb, headers need to be 1 3/4 or 1 3/4 stepped to 1 7/8? depending on application and power

1Gary 03-09-2013 11:20 PM

Research Howards rotating assemblies.LOL-yeah I am that sold on that company.

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