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i second that Tech 1, for one most people would tell you that there is no such thing as 13:1 pistons, only combinations of rods, pistons, quench, and combustion chambers that make 13:1, another thing is that a motor with 13:1 pistons has no buisiness running a tiny .480" lift cam. antoher would be that a .480" lift cam would have a duration of around 220-230 @ .050 and in a 355ci engine this would put the power band at round 2500 (ish) to typically 5500 (ish) give or take a couple hundred RPM's on either side of the band, and you mention that this motor was used in a 65' chevelle, with the 64-65 chevelle's being the heaviest of all the chevelle's untill the mid 70's it would take a motor with over 525hp (and that is with some serious rear gears like 5.13+) to move this 3500lbs car (not including the driver) to say a 7.10-7.20 in the 1/8th. and to make that kind of power out of a 355ci engine you would certainly have to turn it over 6500rpm (that is NA). next we love "my buddy" stories, as 4/5 of them are BS and a knowlegable person can pick them out a mile away

this is not a site that you can come on to and BS your way through and expect people to believe you, cause there are way too many knowlegeable people that will call you out because we understand the math, and what it takes to make power

there is nothing wrong with not being the most knowlegeable, we all started off somewhere, and everyone no matter how much they think they know still has room to learn more. If you have some legitimate questions others and I would be more than happy to answer them, but dont get mad when you dont get the answer you want. we know what we are talking about and are honestly only trying to pass the knowlege on to others and help them out.
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