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Thanks for the responses so far. Lemme answer a few questions.

The rear end is a 3.07:1, stock for the manual-trans car. Dana 36 posi. The trans has I believe a 3.27 first gear, which is actually a bit steeper than the stock Doug Nash 4spd trans it came with, so it certainly shouldn't be too bad. Steel flywheel, somewhere around 24-28 pounds as I recall, and the clutch is a RAM 3200# PP with a regular organic disc.

Fuel pressure is being measured at the gauge port of the regulator.

It's not an MSD box. It's a regular coil-in-cap HEI distributor from Summit.

There isn't any room for a carb spacer unfortunately. I had to run a 1 1/4" drop-base with a 2.5" filter to clear the corvette hood.

The boosters look fine at idle. It doesn't appear to be exposing too much transfer slot, but I'l go back through it again and measure it for sure.

If you crank the idle screws in all the way the car will stall at idle.

The float level looks great. Right at the bottom of the sight-holes. Doesn't fluctuate at all while running, atleast not in the garage.

The spark plugs are actually a healthy dark-ish tan color, which is surprising since the car rolls fuel-smoke out of the exhaust the whole time I'm tuning/driving it.

As for this being the same problem as the other Street Avenger threads, I've read them. I've been searching through them on a lot of forums, and I know about the usual causes for a stumble. Not enough pump shot, too lean jets, squirter cam misaligned, etc. Thing is, this car rolls rich-smoke out through the entire rpm range except when it's under a real hard load. And at idle it smokes like it's rich, but if I lean it out any farther it stalls. And it's not just an initial problem either. It isn't real happy at anything under 2500 rpms.

As for pulling the vac cannister, the car isn't happy at all with just the base timing at idle. Takes atleast 28-30 degrees of advance at idle to make it run smooth. At the base 14* it sounds like a monster cam and tries to stall all the time. At the moment it's got 34* with the vac cannister hooked up, but I can give it a shot without it. I'd have to crank the base up to about 30*, which would give me a total of 46* in by 2500. Might give that a shot later.

But, why is it running rich through the entire rpm range?
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