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78vette 07-25-2012 01:23 PM

383 kit w/blower
Im new to building from the ground up , I purchased a 78 vette project I'm planing on turning it into a 383 with a 177 blower I was qurious of what anyone had to say about the kit I'm planing on purchasing here are the specs. As well as your thoughts on the blower I'm going with as a combo thanks.

Scat nodular cast steel crankshaft.
H-beam 5.7 Full floating Bushed rods with 7/16 12 Point cap screws.
Probe low expansion Fully forged 12cc dish pistons 4.030 bore size
Hastings plasma Moly rings
king bearings
Pro street damper
168 tooth flex plate


bigdog7373 07-27-2012 04:46 PM

Forged is the way to go with forced induction. What are you planning for cr? Make sure the kit will work with the heads you want, deck hight, etc...

PatM 07-27-2012 06:56 PM

I think BigDog is right. The scat cast cranks are pretty good to 500 HP. But I think you'll be pushing, or exceeding that.


vinniekq2 07-27-2012 07:11 PM


78vette 07-28-2012 02:52 PM

What crank would do the best ? and I'm torn on cams I'm not sure the way to go for the build I'm thinking I want to go with a mid sized cam and let the blower make most the power

78vette 07-28-2012 02:53 PM

Yes it's an auto manual was to hard to find for any good price

bigdog7373 07-28-2012 04:10 PM

What I do for the cam is either to pick a cam and build the engine based of of it. Or build the engine how you want it to perform and pick a cam that works with what you want.

78vette 07-28-2012 05:01 PM

I actually noticed that and I can get the -22 dish pistons for the same price I'm trying not to spend a ton but want good horsepower I found the kit for 850 block after machine work around 650 and 2500 for the 177 supercharger and I figure with about another 1500 I can pick up a good set of heads and cam

78vette 07-28-2012 05:09 PM

[IMG]<a href=";current=1b3ebea1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App"></a>[/IMG]<br>here's the new project

78vette 07-30-2012 02:00 PM

I think Im gonna go with the 355 now that I looked into it and looks like I'll save a lot of money going that route thanks guys for the advice

78vette 08-01-2012 11:42 AM

One more question does anyone have any good tips on how to re align the headlights on the c3 so they don't rub the hood

bigdog7373 08-01-2012 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by 78vette (Post 1579119)
One more question does anyone have any good tips on how to re align the headlights on the c3 so they don't rub the hood

Try a corvette forum and searching for a diy. There should be a writeup on it somewhere.:thumbup:

78vette 08-01-2012 04:38 PM

thanks heres the new project

bigdog7373 08-01-2012 04:57 PM

I'm more interested in the bike! :mwink:

78vette 08-01-2012 06:11 PM

Yep that's my cbr sometimes I just like to open my garage and look for awhile at the vette and the bike , I'm sure I'm not the only one on this forum that likes to just open there garage and stare

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