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.. Yes, 1960's factory 383 - 390" engines were rated about that 420-440 torque, but a little less HP with the poorer flowing heads and usually smaller valves back then...

.. Are you saying e-Tec 170cc heads are superior to the AFR 190cc ones used in that article? (they're not) And, of course, the power/torque numbers being a bit higher than expected is because of the usually not seen 11.5:1 compression ratio...

.. The 206/212 cam they are using has unusual timings, like intake opening at -3 instead of around the common +6... kinda like Thumpr cams use unusual timings to help compensate for the narrow 107 degree LSA and not totally lose off-idle power...

.. The Comp 206/212 cam is very close to the GM ZZ2 - ZZ4 350" crate engines roller cam of 208/221 .474/.510 lift... which usually can be easily found used on eBay, Craig's List, or at swapmeets... I bought one a while back for $125 with the roller lifters... those 350's were 345-355Hp depending on C.R. and ~380-400 torque... HP limited by -113 165cc stock GM aluminum heads and basic stock type 1.94"/1.5" valves... of course, same cam in 383" with bigger valves/heads would make for bigger power numbers...

.. Like I keep saying, if really want 500 lb.-ft. torque and smallish cam/very low RPM big torque... a 400+" engine is the way to go... a SBC 400 is an overbored '383' right from the factory... a particular cam and heads make about the same HP no matter what size engine is under them... but, torque peak goes up with cubic inches and also up somewhat with compression ratio... and a milder cam can be used for better MPG... and, it's hard to go very high with static compression ratio with a smallish cam because dynamic compression ratio starts wanting higher octane fuel... so may need premium gas plus octane booster... which is OK if you don't mind adding the booster... the 11.5 C.R. 206/206 cam combo they did first prolly wanted racing fuel, although they don't mention anything about fuel used as I recall... I simply add an ounce or two of kerosene to a tank of gas if a combo gets into spark knock... or I get a batch of low octane gas by mistake in a stock engine... kerosene is about the same price as gasoline and is also a fuel, so doesn't really add any expense... I put it from a gallon container into handy used empty red plastic 12 ounce octane booster bottles and keep one in the trunk... and in my boat...

.. This Hot Rod 383 article also gets into big torque, but they eventually go to a bigger cam than the 196/206 duration they start with: 500 lb.-ft. from 383" stock Vortec heads (flywheel dyno) Vortec vs Eddy E-street heads 383" (rear wheel dyno)

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