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Originally Posted by Valkyrie5.7 View Post
hcompton, my brain hurts after some of things you post. It's like automotive advice from Charles Manson: Hard to pick through whats there to find something that sounds logical. Anywho, it's a freaking 98 s-10. It's definitely not shaped like a brick and although 120mph probably hard for a 59 rambler to do - or maybe one of those 80's diesel Escorts - as long as nothing is limiting the computer to tell it to not pass a certain speed, it'll do 120mph.

Now I don't like shooting from the hip, so that's why I suggested that you wait till DoubleVision chimes in. Since you seem to need your answers now, I'll give them to you: Chances are your friends will probably have a faster car than you unless they drive a Buick Century or a base-model Civic. I think every V6 Camry made in the last 10 years could lay waste to most 4.3L-powered vehicles, with exception to the Syclone/Typhoon twins.

Let's not even mention that top speed is not going to win you any races that aren't on the autobahn or salt flats. If you want to be faster than your friends, buy an Ls1 F-body or something. Unless you really want to be different, I wouldn't waste my time with a 350 that had two cylinders chopped off.

...And I happen to like both 4.3L's and S-10s. But there's your answer. Like it or lump it.

Well the 4.3 is a 350 with two cylinders loped off. and it works great. you can build the crap out of these engines. To say and stock camary would out run it is not really fair since its older. Put the camary engine in a truck and it would run like a turd. 4.3 is setup from the factory for good tq and will out tow and pull the camary engine any day of the week. Now put a cam that is a big as the camary cam with valve timing at high rpm range since they have variable valve timing. and the 4.3 would make north of 300 hp.

Camary engine is also about twice the cost of the s10 motor. car is also about 35 grand for a v6 camary new. s10 was low cost vehicle.

Now that being said take a look at these.
Here is a 1000+ hp 4.3 on the dyno.

And here is the truck with that motor in it.

S10 is square so it is shaped like a brick. areodynamics is a big issue ask anyone that drags one. They all have bigger motors than low to the ground areodynaimc cars to run the same numbers. Now its not by much but your need more power to push that truck than a normal car.

These truck usally run pretty good most of the time you install a v8 becasue your truck didnt come with the v6. If you got the v6 already and wanted more power a simple bolt on super charger kit will make 300+ hp and that is not going to make anyoen unhappy in and s10.

i think i read that stock ls version with v6 could go 143 mph as far as gearing was concerned but I think those numbers were for 4x4 and of course it will not go that fast just has the gear to go that fast. air resistence will stop it around 125 to 135 for sure at 140 you kinda hit a wall if you dont have major hp to push past it. But like i said before if gearing is off it may not reach that top speed only one way to find out.
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