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4.3L chevy doesnt run right after frozen radiator etc,

ok i have some info here and i want any ideas or thoughts or things to check, regarding why this 4.3L engine wasnt runing right. these 4.3L(and most others 80s and 90s TBI) engines usually always run great and have very few known issues, mainly the only big deal on them is that they eat caps and rotors, and carbon piece in the EGR sometimes., and also the IAC sometimes get carboned up really bad.,.

my boss has a '90's astro van with the common everyday TBI 4.3L

about a week ago pure water was put into the cooling system and it froze and broke the radiator

the truck was over heated and run quite a bit this way the night it happened.,

since then it didnt ever run right and sometimes would not start up and run

and now the plugs are dripping wet in raw gas.

i noticed yesterday when i was looking over the engine real good that the guy working on it broke off the two ground wires at the thermostat housing bolt. these wires are for the MAP sensor, and the ECM, i assume...

so i am thinking that with at least the MAP ground disconnected it probably was running really rich and slowly was killing the junk autolite plugs that are in it.,

the engine was already running not right anyways, before the wires got broken off.,., the wires were broken off when he was removing or installing the alternator. about a week ago.
i repaired the ground wires yesterday.,

i also checked, and it has a great(white, hot) ignitionspark,
many ignition parts are new.... such as the cap and rotor and wires, etc.

somehow it blew the valve cover seals and they leak now,
also,,, somehow there is oil laying in the botton radiator shroud. not sure how that can happen....

high crankcase pressures?

its not the original engine and its surely got well over 100k miles on it, it is run virtually every day for commercial cleaning business routes.

if there was enough room i would use the compression tester and check all cylinders but wow there is like no room for anything,
let alone getting to the spark plug locations with tools to replace them.... in which i gotta do tommorrow..

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