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rebelcowboy50 12-22-2005 08:38 AM

4.6 cooling problem
i have a few questions about a 4.6 mustang my g/f just got,the guy we got it from said somthing was wrong with the fan,it only comes on when u have the heat or somthing on,but it is leaking at the water outlet on the intake,i put a new thermostat in it and seen that the intake was cracked right there and someone had put some j-b weld on it,it has a plastic intake,i dunno if that is a good fix for it,but a new one is like $250,it dont get hot or anything just driving normal,but the leak i think is causing all the problems,its not building up any pressure in the wandering could i get a water outlet gasket for somthing else and put on it and put some silicone to stop the leak,cuz it only has a like an o-ring type gasket.i think it is building up pressure but its coming out that leak.and i dunno if this is causing the problems with the fan or not.can someone give me some help on this.cuz i have heard that the intake cracking right there is bad on 4.6's.

1931 steve 12-22-2005 09:18 AM

The only fix is to replace the manifold with a updated version (all aluminum). The cooling fan will run with the defroster on or the A/C on, and also when the engine reaches a set temp to command the fans on. Check with your local Ford dealer this may be under a recall.

Steve :welcome:

Mustangsaly 12-22-2005 04:15 PM

I have a 00 Mustang GT Spring Feature Edition 4.6 V8 5 speed with 27,000mi, and a month or so back got a recall from Ford (I guess you call it a recall, if your having fuel problems at the intake they will replace it. not sure if it was all intake problems or intake fuel problems) but might make sure.

I don't see it here, butt know my wife showed me something about a fuel intake problem / recall


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