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Get the larger 177 blower. The lil 144 is too small for a 400sbc. the motor wil run as fast or faster without the 144 blower. Get a solid street roller cam 244 to 248@.050 110 to 112LSA EG Comp XR286R-10 or XR280r-10
The off the shelf 110LSA cam actually works just fine. Its just right for a blower on a 406.
A special wide LSA is not needed. The off the shelf 110LSA street roller cam is a "blower cam" when used on a 406 SBC.
Your 406 with a blower will out run over run a hyd roller cam. You don't want that.
Sell your complete hyd roller cam and kit and get the complete "K kit" mechanical cam and kit
EG K12-772-8. You will only have to spend the money once. and will have the right combo the first time.

Your carb can easily be modified so the power valve is boost referenced . Its a simple drilling operation on the center body of the carb, press in a vacuum fitting tube in the new hole you drilled in the side of the carb body and plug one hole. Its that simple.
The new vacuum fitting connects to the intake manifold to read pressure when the blower makes boost.
Install a simple one way mini vacuum check valve in line so the boost does not act directly on the carbs power valve diaphram under boost.
Same on any accessories that depend on manifold vacuum to operate. Protect with a simple inline check valve.

jetting For the blower using a 750 HP carb

Jet it up to a 75 pri and 88sec jet to start. That will be very close. Get some rear jet extensions
Get an electric fuel pump.
You really should have a 850-950cfm carb for a 177 on a 400cid motor. But the 750HP wil get it done.
Again the small 144 is a waste of time on a 400. Works great on 283's 305's 327's and 350's.
It does not move enough air for a 400cid motor. (without excessive blower drive ratio) Most of any boost created will be from heat from excessive blower drive ratio speed. Heated charge air (excessive blower speed) is bad. The 177 blower kit is the same price.
Your 3.42 gears and the 4 speed are just right.

The 177 blower seals as efficient or more efficient . don't need teflon stripes. Closer. rotor to case clearance. Stiffer case.
Its a much better blower. You want low compression 8:1 or less and a 2.10 to 2.33 blower drive ratio and good 94 octane gas for max street performance with this blower on a 406. A boost retard timeing box is nice too. Be prepared to go fast.

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