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Originally Posted by F-BIRD'88 View Post
510/510, 245/245 @50 108 LSA 3000-7200

When using this cam it is very critical on how it is installed. .. intake closing point @.050"

The 510" lift cam will work a lot lot er if you install it like this.
Degree it in and advance it so that the intake C/L is on a 103 C/L
when measured at .050" the intake valve would close at 45.5 ABDC

It will have a ton of torque and plenty of cylinder pressure. with 10:1cr does not need 11.5:1.

further when you set up the distriutor this cam needs a ton of timing at idle
so much you can just simly lock out the mechanical advance and run full 36deg timing
It will idle nice and respond right off idle with the 4200 stall.
It will GLH.

You cam was likelu not advanced on install correctly or at all and the distributor curve was all wrong
a stock distributor curve will not work.

Install and set it up like this and it will do what you wanted it to do.

timing at .050" when you degree it should be open 19.5 BTDC and close 45.5 ABDC intake
exhaust open 55.5 BBDC ex close 9.5 ATDC
in C/L 103 ex c/L 113 it will be "5 degrees advanced" when installed like this.

makes a big difference.

Your 224-234 112 cam will run best when installed 5deg advanced 107 in 117 ex C/L's

.050" timing would be 5 - 39 in 54 -0 ex
with this cam recurve the distributor to have 24deg base initial at idle and 36deg at full advance
thats a 12deg mechanical advance curve.

This cam likes a 3000 stall. a 3500 stall is not too much, a 1700 is not enough.

Vacuum advance can and should be used too with both these cams ..limit to 12-15 deg max at highest vacuum use ported vacuum.

Either cam wil GLH when installed and set up right. The .510" will make the most power.
especially once installed correctly and the distributor corrected. (locked out is right for this one)
Use a 4.5' rated holley power valve with this cam.
the only reason this cam did not work well for you was the setup and installed position
Cam phasing.
So your saying even the small cam should advance 5*? I have the int. timing on this cam at 22* & 36* total, The larger cam i had the dist. locked out, plus i advanced it 4*, It ran better but still not great, The low speed/idle was the worst, It only pulled 5-6 inches vacuum which i though was low, I'm sure still needed more advance, plus i think the timing needed to come in earlier also, I ran a 3.5 PV, When i 1st. got it running to break in the cam it was a mess, I played hell getting it started, It acted like the timing was really slow but it was up there, so that was telling me it must have been way off.

I need to go back to the drawing board on the larger cam, In a couple of outings it pulled to 6800, thats a bit much IMO running stock rods/bolts,
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