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lol I better clear a few things up here. I forgot to mention my pistons. They are JE SRP Flat tops 2 valve relief. The car is mine all paid for by me I've had it since 16 and bought it with a stock 305 and 4 speed trans in it with 3.08's in back. My dad is a business man not even really into cars except to watch me go to the track and I dont really play video games either. Last time I bought a video game I was probably 15 (not that there is anything wrong with video games!). I work a full time job and go to college part time. I'm not 19 either I'm 21. I however did build this Motor and Trans combo for the car when I was 19.

Exhaust I ran was 1 3/4 x 3 hooker super comps through 3 inch dual exhaust with flowmaster 50 series. I was going LOW 7 1/8 mile with it at 93mph pump gas(NO nitrous) but my fuel system,cooling,and suspension were holding me back. I know there is more left in it. I ran a th400, B&M clutches,Hughes full manual valve body, Tci super street fighter 10 inch converter. It was stalling right around 3800-4000rpm. I'm considering running an 8" this year. Not to mention I dont think I had it tuned the BEST. I also ran 4.56's in it. I'm looking to gear change it this year to 3.73, 3.90, or 4.10 depending on new combo.

Stepside454 thanks for running the #'s atleast it eeked its way into the 600hp zone. I think the most I can get out of those heads is like 650 HP. I should have just gone 18 degree in the first place.

Also If I go procharger I would sell my intake with foggerkit and my heads. So thats a little more $ back in hand. Just about everyone has told me AFR210 so I would probably heavily consider those. I dont really need 1100-1300 hp (just yet). Nice to know it's there if I want it though. I'm really looking for a nice 800-900 hp on tap. Sick of having to fill the bottle to accomplish it. But just knowing I can crank the boost and make that much more HP is very tempting. What blower were you thinking. Like I said I was considering the F1R? Also, roughly how much HP would an F1R setup run at say 10 lbs of boost. Intercooled on pump gas OR non intercooled on race gas. Results would be about the same no? just curious..Thanks for replys guys!
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