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lol you guys are too funny. I honestly forgot to mention my pistons. I have my motor on ebay right now. It's probably not going to sell but oh well. I'll find out in 2 hours. Thats why I was looking into adding a blower to it or going 18 degree to it or w/e because this isnt the 1st time I listed it on ebay and I dont think its going to sell unless I am willing to take like 3k or something which I wont do. Here is the link for your viewing pleasure.

Still I'm not so sure what the big deal with me not worrying all that much about if i break a block or not. I'm not worrying because I dont think its going to break.I barely drive my car and I dont even take it far from home when I do. Its a local cruiser/street/strip car not my daily driver. I live real close to the track also If anything happens to it I'll go home and get the truck and trailer for it. I feel the block will hold up this year, what can I say I have faith. I cant help it if you cant see my pov. Not like I will have this motor in my car forever. So far Ive been putting a new motor in the car every 3rd season. Each one better than the previous.

And I do not have an unlimited budget. You all know my budget. I told it so people didnt go off on crazy combos that I could not afford. If I was able to get 4k for my 400 (which is taking a 2k loss from what I have in it) I would be able to put that $ with what I have and put all that $ towards a nasty bigblock setup which was what I originally wanted to too. But looks like I might be stuck with the 400.

About the $ amounts I cant help it if it I sounds unbelieveable to you or w.e Not like I'm the only 20 something yr old out there who spends all their $ on their car. I choose to save up my $ and put it into my car. I'm not going to defend myself anymore I shouldnt have to. I came here for info on what I can do to my combo, not to troll or lie like you may think.

Me and my friends get it alot. My good friend is only 20 years old and has a cherry 69 SS maro he picked up 2 yrs ago with a wimpy 350 in it for $10,500. He built a pissed off 355, solid roller, canfields, new converter, headers, carb etc the next season which ran him I would guess a good 7k. My other friend has a beautiful 70 Duster he bought for $7,500 with a lousy 318 in it. He dished out about 5k for a 340 and a good penny on new trans and converter the next season he had the car out. He had the 340 setup in the car around age 19. He's my ago now tho. Everynow and then we get some guys at a car show telling us to bring back daddys cars before they found out we snuck them out. I used to get pissed off because it is MY CAR but now I just take it as a compliment.

quick edit for bracketeer.

My car did finish the 1/8th. I ran the 4.56's with a 28x10.5 mickey thompson ET drag. I cut a 1.55 60 foot and went 7.37 @ 93mph. I was expecting to see some high 6's with a better trap but my car needs tweaking I would without a doubt be able to see some 6's on motor if I work on the combo and change come things around with (more converter too) it but as you know I'm looking for better than just high 6's n/a because I'm not too crazy about running the bottle anymore. Not to mention that was the ONLY time I went to the track last year and only made 4 runs that day 2 of which were horrible 2 of which were OK. The 950 carb worked just fine. Yea I may be able to get away with something smaller but I had no issues with running the 950.

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