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.. OK, at the performance level you're talking: "400HP" from a SBC 400 for a fun road truck, everybody is OVERTHINKING this!

.. The stock SBC 400 with stock heads and crank/rods with merely flat top or domed pistons and a $50 Summit #1105 224/234 cam/lifters/Z28 valve springs added (and 4bbl. carb./intake if not so equipped already) will make 400 HP or close to it...!! And do it by 5500 - 5750 RPMs... shift at 6,000 RPMs or so... with torque peak around 4000 RPMs... pulling really hard from 2000 - 2500 RPMs or so...

.. or another combo:

.. Stock block, crank, rods, your first pistons choice but for stock 5.565" rods, your first cam choice (biggish for a fun road truck, but usable), and your first heads choice -> 375 - 500 HP depending on the exact heads used (165cc - 220cc range intake ports)... still by 6000 RPMs...

.. The 2nd cam you picked was just too big for your goals... wouldn't pull hard till 4000+ RPMs... wants to make 500+ HP... not fun truck compatible... requires other engine parts made of expensive unobtanium...

.. 6" rods make more power above 6250+ RPMs... basically, out of your needed operating range...

.. I'd suggest doing something like one of the two budget combos above... just add an ounce or two of kerosene or other octane booster to a tank of gas if you just can't tune any/all spark knock out with ignition timing/advance curve and premium gas... or can only get 91 octane premium in your area... no 93 or 94...

.. KB, TRW, or Summit hypereutectic pistons would be plenty for this build... and KB especially usually come with good compression height... and all have good price... adjust them to the gram weight of your stock pistons/pins and avoid paying for an engine re-balance job at this performance level...

.. Here's an article about adding a cam of duration similar to your first choice 230/236 duration (only expensive roller lifter type) to a mostly stock block/rods/pistons/heads SBC 383" engine and what it did:

.. Edelbrock E-Street heads would be a good pair of American-made somewhat budget Aluminum heads... although on the smallish side for a SBC 400"...

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