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425 Cadillac into a Stroker 454

I asked for detailed info on the history, (or time line) on the production run on all Cadillac V-8 engines, what sizes, when they were made & what cars did they get put in. Well, I got referred to a couple of web cites, one being Wikipedia. That one has all of the Cadillac V-8 engines listed. The 429 c.i. was produced from 1964 through 1967 & it was of the same (basic) design as that of the 390 c.i.. Then, (because of design & casting molds getting worn) Cadillac introduced the 472 in 1968. Two years later, the 500 started production. It wasn't untill AFTER 1970 that Cadillac started to "code" their engines with a single letter code. The 500 c.i. were all "coded" with an "S" code. Then, because of a government ordered "mandate" in 1976, the next year production of all American full size cars had to be "downsized". That included the engines. So, Cadillac started producing the 425's. Those were coded either an "S" or "T" code, "S" for carburetted, "T" for fuel injected. Then, when 1980 came about, The 425's were considered "too large" & That's why Cadillac started making the 368. The 368 looks allot like the 425-500's but internally are quite different. Especially after 1981 when the V-8/6/4 idea
came out. That didn't work well at all. So, then a totally different Cadillac engine went into production that wasn't anything close to the engines that were before that.
Now, as for the (1979) 425 Cadillac getting "Stroked" or "morphed" into a 454 c.i. engine, I decided that I was going to have to "go it alone" without the
assistance of people who "claim" to be supportive of all things Cadillac.
I did read some older "threads" about the use of Oldsmobile parts in a Cadillac
engine & most did say that it can, & has been done many times in years past,
but never heard of anyone doing that to a (late '70's) 425 Caddy engine. But,
now, there's at least a couple of people (I being one of them) that's willing to
try that. So far, I've collected a crank from a junk yard 500 block, a set of
mid '60's Olds 425 connecting rods & the intake manifold from the same "junk yard" 500 block. I've also bought a set of "Hell's Gate" brand header flanges
& two pair of Ford 351/400 m headers for re-shaping to fit the Caddy flanges
as the Caddy engines aren't "oriented" the same as the rest of the G.M. V-8
engines were back then. The Caddy engines were more like Fords than Chevy,
Pontiac, or Oldsmobile. Buick V-8's were very close to the Caddy engines though. The Buick 455's were almost the same as that of the Caddy 472 & 500's. Now, back to the "Stroked" 425 Caddy. I just recently bought a Chevy
big block 8 quart 454 truck oil pan to "modify" by cutting the gasket flange off
just below the top edge, then, do the same to a Cadillac mid sump oil pan, (one of the most common styles of Cadillac oil pans) then, re-welr the Caddy oil pan's gasket flange onto the Chevy oil pan so that I can have an oil pan
that'll allow me to install the Caddy engine into a Chevy car chassis. I also
know that I'll have to buy a new oil pick up tube that's originally designed for
a late '60's through late '70's El-Dorado in order to have the pick up centered into the oil pan's "sump". I have yet to order the pistons & their related parts,
but that's soon to happen.
Well, that's "it" on the project for now, so, later
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