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JDL 12-31-2005 10:27 AM

427T Gen V Flywheel
I had an 86 366T two piece rear seal that I just replaced with a 91 427T one piece rear seal.. I reused the 427T balancer.. but used the 366T flywheel. As you might guess I have a vibration problem.. Does't get progressively worse but just at certain rpm ranges.. I was told the two piece 366T and 427T flywheels were the same.. but no one could tell me anything about the Gen V 427T one piece flywheel.. Anyone know the answer...?

Bumpstick 12-31-2005 03:42 PM

I`ll take a stab and say with any 1 piece rear main setup it should require a weighted flywheel and there for needs an external balance...? The 2 piece rear main type cranks have some weighting on the flywheel flange so SOME do not need an external weight (454`s and larger do)...

But as a 1 piece rear main 350 (87 and later) requires a weighted flywheel (not the same as the 400 weighted flywheel) then a BBC of the same config should also need this for proper balance...

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