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I love this thread. It has my vote. In my opinion for whatever its worth, I would go 427 tall deck because you could cram more stroke in there than a short deck bigger bore 502 if thats what you want, or use that great forged 3.766 inch stroke and long rods, great heads, dual carbs and crazy cam to turn more revs. Or, keep the 427 dumptruck motor mostly stock and slap some big heads and a roots blower on it and really burn some gas. Same piston height as the 366, I know of a guy that took a 366 school bus motor and had great luck by just slapping a supercharger on it. With a piston that thick you can handle more heat and hence boost. Heck, I might could speculate you could burn some of the top of the piston off and never even notice. Not trying to be funny. If I had a blower and a budget that's exactly what i would do, a running 366 for 400 bucks, fresh pistons and rings, blower. Or a 427 tall deck, long rods, skinny pistons for a 4.25 bore(there are lots of them for the stroker people, and lots of long rods too) and solid lifters and huge heads manifold and dual 4 barrels. Long stroke can't rev as high, you can often end up with greater peak power with less stroke sometimes. But they are right in that longer stroke can make greater peak torque. It just does it much lower in the rpm range. It really depends on where you want the rpm to be that it peaks. Merlin even makes super tall deck blocks for that very reason if money is no object. I think simply however, and to me, revving a motor of great displacement to an ungodly rpm (it has an effect on people trust me) is about the coolest thing there is. A blower is of course, very cool too. Not trying to make a joke btw. I wish I had 4 427 blocks laying around instead of 4 small blocks. With a 427 tall deck you could make a 454 that would easily beat a short deck 454 anyday you wanted to with any old crappy 454 cast crank, some 6.535 rods and some cheapie 454 pistons. But WHY???? Or yeah, I forgot. To show that the tall deck is better. Imagine a 427 that can rev just like a 327, only it is 100+ cubes bigger and has has wayyy better heads..... Rpms are where the fun is in my book and you wont find that with a super stroked mouse motor, or any super stroked big block motor either. Not saying those motors arn't cool in there own special way, they have there place. Maybe like a tractor pull or something or a massively heavy vehicle with very very tall gears and overdrive. Everybody has there own thoughts about what they think is good or best, and if nobody agrees with the angle of your attack it does not necessarily mean it will not work. You can do it anyway you want! That's what it's all about and be sure and keep us posted of the progress! After all, this is still America, land of the free, last time I checked.

Big stroker motors are ok, but you better have the gears and you are still going to burn more gas all the time especially if they are not tuned to low rpm. You can get some real velocity going with rpms and a properly tuned intake and exhaust is key. Trying to make a super long stroke motor breath well at high rpm can make it very inefficient at low rpm because of the huge runners you would need, and that slows velocity and inertia at low rpm. But that's the range it is naturally good at! Defeats the purpose kinda to me at least. But a shorter stroke motor can still make decent power at low rpm but at the same time rev up like crazy if you would like to feel very afraid and make your hands tremble. Or at least make your passenger freak out.

Think: a short stroke motor can be made to have a pretty flat power band and can double the rpm 3 times over. 1000-2000-4000-8000 But a super long stroke motor can double its rpms like twice maybe. 1000-2000-4000.

With the right heads, cam, valve train, and exhaust etc. a 427 at 8000 rpm can breathe the same as a 854 inch motor at 4000 rpm! Yikes!

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