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depending on the use, you can bore a 454 to about .100 over, but you'll need at least a half fill on the block. for street, i wouldn't go over .060. as far as tall decks are concerned, gm never produced a 454 in the tall deck version. all the 454's were standard deck, or 9.8". the tall deck motors that were produced were truck motors, with a deck height of 10.2", and came in 366 ci and 427 ci. although the 427 had the same bore as the 454, it only came with the 3.76" stroke crank that the 366 had. the block was not factory clearanced for the 4.00" stroke crank that the 454 was, but can be made to fit with a bit of grinding. for performance use, you'd be better off with a 454. also, my experience with the tall deck truck motors is that they have thin cylinder walls to begin with. big overbores on them isn't a good idea. one other downside to them, is that they weigh more than standard deck blocks do. not a whole lot, but some. while they can be built up for performance use, i'd limit the overbore, keep a short stroke, and run a really long rod. i know someone will disagree with this, but i believe there are alot better blocks out there for racing/high performance use.
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