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impalaman355 01-11-2013 02:21 PM

454 buld question best bang for buck
hey guys I built a 1972 454 for my 1969 impala convert with your guys help, its powerful and im happy with it but for my new build I want more, its 9.5 compression hydraulic roller with 049 heads with bigger valves.

Im getting another 1969 impala convertible going build a 454 again, What year should I look for? I want to either stroke it this time or get some aluminum heads i figure im gonna have 750 into the iron heads once upgraded anyway, which one is gonna give me the better bang for my buck? Its just a daily driver/cruiser not a race car 01-11-2013 02:59 PM

If you are doing a full rebuild and have to buy pistons, rods, grind crank and bore the block. A stroker is the way to go. If you shop around. 4.250" cranks are available for not much more than a stock crank kit. 6.385 rods are out there for not much more than a set of bolts and re-size of the stock rods. Pistons are about the same price as hyper replacements.

The only really added expense is a balance job, which should be done on a rebuild anyhow.

Heads= Best bang for the buck is the Pro-Comp and clones. Best price is Ebay. Price is better than I can get from my wholesalers.

You will hear a lot of flack about these heads. Mostly from know it alls that diss anything they think is made in China (these heads aren't, they are manufactured by the Aussies). Then shipped to China, then shipped here because of trade rules $$$$$.

I have been selling/using them for years. Only complaint was about some external casting flash. I showed the customer some new GM (Edelbrock) castings and they were worse..

Back on track:: Buy just the castings and fill them with Manley valves and Comp Engineering parts.. You and your pocket book will love it..

techinspector1 01-11-2013 03:05 PM

I might be thinkin' ProComp aluminum heads. There is at least one professional builder on this board who has used them and recommends them. Here's a brand new set of oval port 300's that are only 100 bucks more than what you'd have in your iron heads.
Procomp BBC 454 Aluminum Heads Complete 300cc Oval Big Block Chevy | eBay

Edit: Bob is the pro I was referring to.:thumbup:
He posted while I was typing.

impalaman355 01-11-2013 03:17 PM

Yea I hear mixed things about the pro comps but alot of people are making some serious horse on them and they cost the same as my heads it seems, I will give them a try actually and report back They were tempting me on my 454 build! When I buy them bare do I have to do anythiing special to them like porting or combustion chamber work? or can I have my head guy just bolt parts onto them and go?

you guys think the 300ccs are what I should get?

what kinda duration cam should I be looking at if i get the 300cc heads with the 489/496 stroker?

i put this howards hyd roller in my last 454 and im thinking it was to small almost even with the 2.73 gears but it pulls pretty good.
CL120245-12 av dur 278/284
112 lsa 01-11-2013 03:47 PM

No special work is needed. I always check the seats and guides. One exhaust seat very slightly off in seven years.

I like cams around 284 adv/230-232 @.050 on intake side, 112 lsa. for a mostly street 496. Decent idle/power brakes. As much lift as you can stand.. BBC loves lift.

cdminter59 01-11-2013 07:16 PM

454 build questions best bang for buck
You asked for it here is the complete rotating assembly for a 496 cid. This is an internal balanced rotating assembly. Scat 1-91605BI BB Chevy 496 Street And Strip Performance Balanced Rotating Assembly - 10.5:1 Icon Dome Pistons - BB Chevy 496 Kits - Rotating Assemblies - New | CNC Motorsports | Car Parts | Truck Parts | Competition Engines. Here is the best Hydraulic Roller camshaft kit to complete the top end. Here is the Oval port ProComp Bare heads that BOBCRMAN recommended. Just have your machanist install Manley Valves and COMP Engineering parts and the springs that are in your cam kit. I would top it off with an Edelbrock Performer RPM oval port intake and a 850 vacuum secondaries carburetor.

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