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Chev85 05-02-2013 07:06 PM

454 problems
Few questions to all of you smart chevy people. My 454 that I recently put in my k10 with a fresh rebuild it having some problems. The 600 cfm carburator works fine (I think) although uphill it maxes out at around 30mph. and when the truck sits at a angle it has a distinct miss to it and almost dies withought giving it gas. Last thing is when going uphill for about half a mile i get to the top and it stalls out. I throw it in neutral and put the pedal down. Temp and oil pressure was fine just decided it was done.. right then.
Any help would be great!:smash:

techinspector1 05-02-2013 07:16 PM

Float is set too high and fuel pressure may be excessive. Those carbs will only tolerate about 5 psi at the inlet before the pressure unloads the needle and seat and the pump begins to blow raw fuel into the intake manifold.

Tee off at the carb inlet and run a small copper line back to the firewall, then up past the hood lip and out to the grillework in front of the windshield. Temporarily mount, with duct tape and tie wraps, a 0-15 psi, mechanical, liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge on the grillework in front of the windshield so that you can monitor the pressure as you drive. Fuel pressure regulators will work ok on an electric fuel pump, but don't work so well on a standard cam-driven mechanical pump. If you have excessive pressure and are using a mechanical pump, the fix is to replace the pump with a plain, simple Carter pump for your OEM application. Google for 5 psi fuel pump.

vinniekq2 05-02-2013 07:17 PM

30 mph? the 454 should be sucking that carb right into the intake.
check your timing and fuel flow,

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