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richardson110 11-28-2004 11:23 AM

454 suggestions
I have a 454 7.4 TBI v8 in my 1ton pickup the motor is sound no smoke no noise no problems, right now it has 108,359 miles on it. The problem is the motor is a dog especially when I am towing (no power). I am thinking about putting a blower on it what type of blower would you recommend roots or whipple twin screw for my application and how much boost would I be able to run without causing damage to the motor and not having to do internal mods to the rotating assembly?

DoubleVision 11-28-2004 11:42 AM

If I were going to add a blower I`d rebuild it, with that kind of miles on it, it`s a time bomb waiting to go off.
Even since it`s been well maintained, miles are miles, wear occurs. If it were mine I would just add a new timing chain and a RV camshaft, I`d also add headers and a free flowing exhaust system, spiral core plug wires and the best ignition parts you can afford, add a K&N filter, royal purple lube in the rear diff to lower rolling resistance, possibly a TBI spacer. These mods would be much cheaper than adding a blower, and you`d pick up lots of torque and get better mileage.

firestone 11-28-2004 12:40 PM

I agree that if you are going to use a blower, that you should rebuild the motor for it. I know that some of the smaller roots type blowers are made for stock compression motors, they will add around 100-150 hp at 6 lbs of boost on pump gas. For the price though, I would take the motor out and change the heads and cam. I would look into the 265cc AFR oval heads with CNC ported chambers and then get a different hyd roller cam and intake. I would guess that you would gain close to the same hp with this setup as you would with the stock motor and blower. Also, this way, you would not have to be concerned about the motor detonating, you would also be able to run 87 octane if you wanted to because of having aluminum heads. If you were interested in doing this, I would call AFR and talk to them, those heads have a slightly raised eshaust port, but from what they say most exhaust systems still fit.


4 Jaw Chuck 11-28-2004 01:25 PM

She's just tired, rebuild her.

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