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78 monte 07-29-2002 07:29 PM

454 Tall deck??????
Alright,what is the differance between a normal 454 and a tall deck 454???
Would a 454 out of a 1979 C30 be tall deck???
I've heard these aren't good blocks.Why not??
I've only owned S/B chevys,so I don't really know big blocks well.

SirSpeedy 07-29-2002 08:46 PM

Tall Deck blocks have a much higher deck hieght.

You can quickly identify it at the upper waterpump bolts. On a shorty, the distance from the upper waterpump bolt to the deck of the cylinders will by ~0.200", and the tall deck is ~0.600", The difference is 0.400"

The tall motors have longer rods, which produce more torque - not noted for revs.

I don't think the 454 was ever offered in a tall deck - the 366 and the 427 were offered both ways, but I think the 454 and all later Mark IV blocks are all short deck.

I'm no expert, but back in my muscle car days I do recall researching this topic -

Good Luck.

The Vandal 07-30-2002 02:39 AM

The pushrods are also longer.........and as far as not being good blocks - they give you the opportunity to use a longer rod or use a longer stroke and still have a decent rod/stroke ratio. Because the decks are higher, the heads are further apart so a manfold made for tall deck (or spacers) must be used. You also must use a distributor for tall deck or one with an adjustable coller.

The Vandal

skippasco 07-31-2002 04:35 AM

a 79 454 out of a c30 truck is not a tall deck I think it is an excellent starting point for you. I would definetly trash can the heads and try to find an early 70's set. they are the large oval port and have open chambers I would put 2.19 intakes along with 1.88 exhaust and use 70 ls6 pistons they were designed for closed chambered heads but with the open heads they make about 9 to one which is plenty for today's gas. I like the performer rpm intake/cam set up for the street ,they makes tons of power under 6000 rpm you will also need a carb with about 850 cfm and I also prefer vacume secondarys unless you have a lot of gear and a stick shift

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