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lowhirod 07-02-2013 05:23 AM

4L60 sliping
will a 1991 700r trany work in a 1995 GMC truck that has a 4L60 in it that slips

jokerZ71 07-02-2013 06:06 AM

No.The 91 has a TV cable.Your 95 is electronically controlled thru the PCM.Also,95 is a stand alone year for the 4L60E. 93 & 94 will interchange.96,97,& I think 98 will interchange.If buying used or rebuilt,you will need a 95 year model 4L60E.

fwinter01 07-02-2013 08:04 AM

99 4l60e
this will be the 3rd time to be rebuilt, thinking time to upgrade to a 4l80e. was daughters go to college vehicle but she was hell on the tans. Any thing to look for year etc to replace it with.

jokerZ71 07-02-2013 08:32 AM

There are several upgrades to make the 4L60E stronger,but,it'll never be as strong,or,durable as the 4L80E.If it's a 2WD the swap isn't near as bad.Not sure which year model you would need to look for.It is still a lot of work even in the 2WD.What problems exactly are you having with it?You may try a different shop.They usually hold up pretty good for stock vehicles.Mine lasted 418K without any issues.Mudding, occasional truckpulls,& frequently pulling 6,000 lb trailer & horses.

jokerZ71 07-02-2013 08:55 AM

Burnouts & pulling heavy loads in OD are usually the death of em.There are other things that can go wrong also that can make the trans appear to be bad.A lot of these trans hav been rebuilt due to bad TPS,faulty wiring,etc.It's always best to hav it scanned by a trusted shop befor doin a rebuild.Mine was rebuilt @ 418K & now has 533K.It hasn't been pampered,but,it's been taken care of.Tell me the exact symptoms.Does it do the same thing everytime it goes out?

jokerZ71 07-02-2013 08:59 AM

Most important thing with a rebuild is to always use a new TC & preferably a new cooler,or,at the very least,completely flush all lines & cooler really good.Auxillary coolers help also.Heat & trash is your #1 enemy.

jokerZ71 07-03-2013 08:25 AM

Some info for making 4L60E better www.msgpio/manuals/mshift/mods.

lowhirod 07-03-2013 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by lowhirod (Post 1690420)
will a 1991 700r trany work in a 1995 GMC truck that has a 4L60 in it that slips

I have a new 670 holly TBI and the TPS checks out bad. at idol it reads 4.3 at wot it reads 4.82-5.01. the tbi dumps fuel bad smokes black and the truck will not run unless i pour some gas into the TBI. then it wiil start but when i put it into gear it slams and at about 20 mph the trans. slips. AL THIS CAME ON AFTER WASHING THE ENGINE

jokerZ71 07-03-2013 11:03 AM

A bad TPS can cause a series of problems.Hard shifts,no 3rd/OD.Suddenly dropping out of D or OD back to 2nd,no TC lockup & other performance issues.It controls,lockup,shift points,etc.If you probe the black & blue wires with a digital meter,it should read 0 @ closed throttle,then as you open throttle,the reading should increase smoothly with no spikes or flat spots up to approx 5 @ WOT.You can unplug it & see iff trans shifts thru all gears w/o slippage,but'only long enuff for a quik ck.Do not operate vehicle this way.Trans will be operating @ full line pressure.Do not drive any farther than necessary.

jokerZ71 07-03-2013 12:04 PM

Sounds like you may have shorted out some stuff.I'm not sure,but,the TPS shouldn't be makin it dump fuel.

jokerZ71 07-03-2013 12:42 PM

I guess it's possible tho.With 4.3 @ closed,the ECM thinks it's almost WOT.Unplug TPS & crank it.It should go into default mode.No signal is better than a bad signal.Don't drive it unplugged.This is just to ck it.

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