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Micaletti 04-21-2009 07:59 PM

4L60E - 2 Questions With Pics
I replaced the sun shell on my 98 silverado. While puting the trany back together I noticed a couple of wierd things, so I thought I would ask all you experts out there before I put the trany back in the truck.

Question #1:
While puting the valve body back together, I depressed each valve with my finger to make sure they were all working ok, when I noticed one of them did not spring back. I took that valve out to see what the problem was, and I realized the assembly was too short for the valve bore. It was just two parts and a spring kinda sliding around loose in there, with a plug cliped to the end. Here is a pic of the parts I took out of the bore:

I looked up the valve in the ATSG guide, and my parts were not the same. It said it was the "converter clutch signal valve". Here is a pic:

Gary showed me a thread where a guy was taking apart his 4L60E, so I went to go see what his valve looked like. His valve did not match mine, or the ATSG manual. Here is a pic of his valve:

So what does all this mean? Is this valve nessissary? What should I do? The trany ran fine before the sun shell broke...

Question #2:
While cleaning up the trany, I noticed a valve thingamajig that looked like maybe it fell out of alignment. Here is the location of the "valve thingamajig":

Here is a close up of it:

It's kinda hard to see, but there is a little plate in there with an off-center hole in it, and a depressable "valve thingamajig" below it. Is this the way it was designed? I just want to make sure because I would HATE to have to rip this trany out again!

Crosley 04-21-2009 08:28 PM

be careful mistakes are expensive as you replace parts..

first photo is PWM valve assembly , that is a normal valve setup. I'd use a TransGo replacement. A heavy wear area

2nd foto shows a Sonnax replacement - repair valve for the PWM system

3rd - 4th fotos is the lock up valve assembly, nothing out of alignment there... although one foto is completely useless - blurred

Micaletti 04-21-2009 08:39 PM

Thanks for the reply. I just found a single spring in a package that came with my seal kit. (I didnt buy a rebuild kit because I only planed on replacing the sun shell.) The diagram on the package showed my valve train and pointed to the valve in question! It said only use this "torque converter clutch regulator valve spring" with non PWM units. The spring is twice as long as the one in my first pic above. I replaced the old spring with this one, and now the parts are no longer able to slide loose in the bore as before, but the valve is extremely hard to depress with my finger now. Should I use this new spring or should I go back to the little spring that allows the other parts to slide around in the bore?

Well I just noticed the large PWM on the front of my pump which means I should NOT use the new spring.

I guess these parts are supposed to be able to slide freely inside the bore?

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