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ffpeters 07-17-2012 06:25 PM

4l60e prndl wiring
i bought new led lights for the prndl indicators and i have the wiring diagram for the neutral safety switch but not getting anything from the lights. the tranny is from a 98 chevy pickup and was curious if anybody has wired their indicator lights from the stock switch or if you have to buy an aftermarket switch to work the indicator lights, like the one ron francis sells. any help would be greatly appreciated.

67Mustang Al. 07-19-2012 05:32 AM

HI. Unlike incandescent globes, old style regular bayonet style) it didnt matter which way you connected the globes +ve or -ve on the metal case or lead centre, it doesnt matter. With LED lights they are polarized which means one of the two leads out of a LED light is positve and the other negative . If you hook them up the wrong way they wont light up at all. That is the positive wire on the negative lead stops them working.
If you use LED lights as indicators they will flash at a high rate and you will need to slow the flash rate down by using a different flasher unit or a resistor with the led lights. No special switch is required.
Other than that , i am not sure.

vicrod 07-19-2012 01:30 PM

The typical shifter switch has only neutral start and reverse lights.
You need a switch that links to the shift linkage that has electrical contacts that close in each position of the shifter.
Then from each of those (5) positions PRNDL run a wire to the respective indicator light.
A hot ignition feed will be connected to all of the (5) positions.
Lokar makes a switch but I have no knowledge if it works.
Some fabrication is required but a standard rotary selector switch could be adapted for this purpose.


LATECH 07-19-2012 05:30 PM

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X 2 with vicrod.
the stock manual lever position switch for the 4L60E only has 3 inputs to determine gear position/selection.
The scematic shows 3 wire with a gang of 5 switches, which makes it interesting.
I have a schematic , It may help you, or confuse you? :confused: :thumbup:
I do not have any way to tell what combination the switches will be on or off in any particualer gear.
An aftermarket setup for you indicators may be the way to go.
Fords MPLS are a little different , at least from what I can tell from the schematics.It has a series of different resistor strips, and each one has a tap, so the value changes each time the selector is moved to the next gear.
I suspect the GM MPLS has resistors in it, allthough the schematic doesnt show it, but 2 switches on one circuit to be in parallel does not make sense, it would be either on or off. It only makes sense that the GM switch also has resistors in it. I just have not had the pleasure of tesing one against a schematic. Even if I did , I am not sure it would help you configure a setup to run your indicators.

EOD Guy 07-19-2012 06:28 PM

Dakota Digital has a gear selector mech, I've never installed one but it might work for you....... DD is very proude of their stuff tho'

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