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hadda find this in the manual

Page 3D-1, Chevrolet Factory Shop Manual {1984),published by Helm,Inc.;Quote:Each wheel is mounted by a five link independent suspension.The five links are identified as the wheel driveshaft,camber control suppost rod, upper and lower control arms and tie rod.:Unquote.
My bad, i haddn't read the manual in months and was under the impression that the drive line support/beam was the 5th link.
I am assuming that the support beam cushions the shock of hard accelleration, putting a little "fudge factor" into getting the car rolling or into another gear w/o a lot of tire spin.I'll be doing extensive modifications to the frame and engine location {going to a five speed from a auto} and would like to provide for controlling the pinion wrap-up, should the results{of the frame mods} prove to be less than ideal, thus the question about the shock/pinion snubber. I'm concerned about constricting the movement of the pinion or possible shortening the life of the d-shaft, and would like to provide for the possibility of dealing with the problem should it appear.I've dry run the beam w/o engine trans in the frame and it moves {with only arm power} at least 30 degrees{not counting pinion travel upon downshift}. My impressions are: the beam will defect somewhat just because of its lenght/material and it is mounted in rubber "gaskets" {providing "give"}. So when i build another beam to replace the existing one , it will be shorter{stiffer} and probably made outta 3/4-1" square tubing{stiffer}. will this cause a problem with trans/motor movement or possibly negate the effect of the trans/rear-end connection?Just how critical is the effect of the beam?I'm assuming the increased weight of the engine/trans proximity will make the pinion wind-up even more markedly.
Anyway, the plan rt now is to include some sort of pinion control device and build a trans crossmember w/a stock trans. rubber bumper.
Any/all imput appreciated, Randy
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