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chevelle327 11-22-2002 07:06 AM

5000rpm alternator!
I have a 69 chevelle and recenlty bought a new chrome plated alternator for my SB 327 and now i have replaced my battery too. I have a volt meter in my car and the only time my car starts to charge the battery at 14 volts when running is when i put it in neutral and rev it to 5 or 6 grand. I dont know why this is. the alternator is the one positive wire hookup. Is there adjustments on the alternator or what could it be? Also, is my alternator overcharging, because my old stock one charged at 14 too and i am wondering if that is correct or not?

bondsman 11-22-2002 07:22 AM

take it to an auto electric shop and have it tested. Could be bad voltage regulator.

lozinit 11-22-2002 07:32 AM

I would think 5-6k is a little much. High output alternators usually have a low output at idle, this is normal. Do you know if the alt. is in fact a high output model? You might want to look at the pulley first to make sure it's the right size for that application. Smaller pulleys spin faster. Bigger ones spin slower.
I had a wrangler alt. built for a "stereo on wheels" type car a few years back, and the batt. light came on everytime the car was at idle because the alternator wasn't producing enough at that low of a speed.
Maybe this could be the problem (provided the regulator is still good)? Thats just a guess though.

The 14 - 14.7 volts IS normal. The alternator needs to output this much voltage to overcome the internal resistance of the battery and charge it.

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