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31fordcoupe 06-17-2012 04:47 PM

502 Big Block Chevy Info
Hey gents. Wanted to get some information on the 502 big block Chevrolet.

1. What years were these put in production vehicles? Or were they strictly crate engines you could / can buy? Were they considered Gen 5 or Gen 6 engines.

2. If they did come in production vehicles, did they all come with forged cranks and 4 bolt mains?

3. What Gen IV parts are interchangeable with Gen 5 or 6 blocks?

4. Will 088 rectangular port heads bolt up Gen IV blocks? What I've found on the internet so far is that they will but I've read one article that said they won't.

5. If the 502 was sold as a production engine, what is the going price for one in used but rebuildable condition?

I've looked on the internet for the answers to most of these questions but haven't had a lot of luck. Thanks in advance.

Bryan59EC 06-17-2012 05:51 PM

The 502 engine is a marine or a crate engine
never installed in any car or truck from the factory.

4 bolt mains

Gen IV and GEN VI head will interchange-----GEN V needs a special head gasket.

Gen V engines have a stamped steel front timing cover with 10 bolts
Gen VI engines have a cast aluminum cover with 6 bolts

Gen V are flat tappet cam engines
Gen VI are roller cammed engines

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