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well this finally got resolved.... the transmission shop called me back 3 days later and told me that they had to order me a new torque converter i knew there was something wrong with it, and the owner tries telling me its my rear axle making the noise and my engine missing causing the vibration??? what a joke i think they were hust trying to blame it on whatever else they could, and they told me the torque converter was bad and thats what was causing the vibration and the sounds.
I was talking to a canadian transmission builder and he told me that i should run the new dexronVI atf in my A-518 transmission? He says he puts dexronVI in the A-500 an 518s and the 47rhs and 46res whenever he re-builds any of them. Has anyone else heard of running dexronVI in these types of transmissions? he told me it has the best flow rate during low and high temps and that it has the best protecting ability? I looked at some in my local parts store and the dexronVI is kinda pricey and it also feels very thin in the bottle, you shake a bottle of dexronVI and it feels like water in there?
He said it is backwords compatible to dexronII and dexronIII and he told me that in 1991 DexronIII would have been factory fill in the A-518 transmission thats in my truck?, any thoughts on that? or would type f be a better choice then dexronVI?
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