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ya thats impressive compared to dexronIII, with that being said would you consider it a good fluid to run the chrysler A-518 transmission?
The canadian builder i was talking too told me that atf+3 didnt come out untill 1994-1995 and said that the main reason they came out with atf+3 was to help the clutches in the newer lock up converters when i say newer i mean 1994 and up. He said that dexronIII didnt have the heat handling ability to keep them lock up converters happy. He said prior to 1994 chrysler used dexronIII on all there transmissions even the A-500s and A-518s wich were chryslers first overdrive transmission for pick up trucks in they first introduced it in 1989 and used it untill 1993, and in 1994 is when they modified the transmissions a bit more with the electronically controlled 46re with the lock up converters that needed atf+3, he said but from 1989-1993 dodge used dexronIII for factory fill in the A-518 in diesels and gas and some gas trucks came with a lock up converter but my 1991 did not, therefore he said dexronIII would be perfectly fine for my transmission, he said all the horror stories you hear about transmissions burning up do to not running +3 or +4 never came into effect untill 1994 when they introduced the 46re wich is a bit more electronically controlled then the A-518s used from 89-93 and also has a totally different lock up converter, he said if it was a 94 or newer i would tell you to run +3 or +4 but since its the 89-93 A-518 with just the electronic overdrive and with a non lock up converter he said i have to reccomend dexronVI.
He told me that dexronVI is compatible to use in any transmission that calls for dexronIII and he said that in 1991 dodge was using dexronIII for factory fill in the A-518 transmission, he also said i could use type f if i wanted too but he feels dexronVI is a better fluid.
what do you guys think about using dexronVI? wich would be the better choice the dexronIII or dexronVI or type f? those are the 3 fluids i am trying to decide between, i know type f allows for firmer shifts and is known to handle heat better and its alot cheaper then dexronVi, but on the other hand the dexronVI can handle heat just as well if not better and it lasts longer and most likely protects better? i just wonder how it would shift with the dexronVI? i imagine it would shift a little smoother with dexronVI compared to type f but if it protects that well maybe its worth sacraficing the softer shifts? I have just been told all my life but my old man that soft smooth shifts bring heat and wear the transmission out faster then firm aggressive type shifts? I plan on getting a trans go shift kit installed in it this spring when i get my income taxes back, just trying to decide on a fluid, the transmission only has 500 miles on it and in another 500 miles the builder told me to pick a fluid and flush all the fluid out of it and change the filter and whatever fluid i decide on he told me to stick with that fluid for the rest of the transmissions life and service the filter every 25 thousand miles.
So im trying to decide on dexronIII or dexronVI or type f? wich one would be the smarter choice to make.
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