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well the shop that re-built the transmission told me they put atf+3 in it, and it does shift rathly smoothly more then i'd like, he told me they would have put +4 in it but they dont like to run a synthetic untill the transmission has at least 1000 miles on it.
The owner told me to flush all the fluid out after 1000 miles and put a new filter on it, and right now my transmission has roughly 600 miles like 560 sum miles, unfortunetly i can not afford well i can afford the shift kit now, but i will not be able to afford to have it installed untill this spring when i get my income taxes back, and by then my transmission will have well over 1000 miles on it wich is when im spos to flush all the fluid out and put new fluid and filter on it.
So i was wanting to pick a fluid now and just stick with it for the rest of the transmissions life like the owner suggested, he said its better to stick with one type of fluid instead of switching around from different types of fluid.
I know the dexronVI is a gm fluid, but since the A-518 got dexronIII put in it as factory fill from 89-93 it should be safe to use because it says it can work anything that calls for dexronIII. I have just been told by old time transmission guys that type f is the best atf to run in a torque flight transmission, type f is not as updated as dexronVI therefore it would need to be changed more often then dexronVI but it supposidly firms up shifting and keeps a torque flight running cooler then any other fluid, i do not have a lock up torque converter so i do not need too many friction modifyers im told? i dont know its just a hard descsion between type f and dexronVI, i have also heard never to run a synthetic in a torque flight? my old man ran type f in all his 727s but he is no longer around to ask about running type f in the A-518 but i have heard alot of people says its ok and accually better for it then any other fluid if it does not have a lock up converter.
I will be having a shift kit installed as soon as i possibly can. I wish i could have a lab rat A-518 transmission to run different fluids thru and see what fluid it performs the best with, thats why i ask these questions hoping to find somone who has ran type f and dexronVI in the chrysler A-518 so i can ask them wich one performed better....
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