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freddy4speed 02-16-2002 03:11 AM

52 Chevy truck ...Hurry!
I've found a beautifully restored frontend spindle to spindle including backing plates for $150.00 to be used on a gasser project. I want to use discs... I believe the spindles need machining for the conversion...can anybody from Poughkeepsie to Buffalo handle this?

Phat 02-16-2002 07:33 AM

Little more info?? What axle is it,you can pretty much buy anything you need to put discs on a lot of diff spindles. ECI has a lot of kits as do others.It all depends on the axle most can be had for free.I know i have a pile of 40's-50's axles here.King pins are about 35-50 bucks. So a a little more info before you dive in.The axle will still be there for a while. ;)

freddy4speed 02-17-2002 09:11 AM

Sorry I was unclear...the front end is from a 52 Chevy truck, discarded because the owner states he wanted to go to discs, so he went ifs. It's the standard Chev parallel leaf front w stock spindles...everything looks new, no pitting,the springs, kingpins are tight, spindle threads good, axle straight, new u-bolts, has the stamped factory front mounting brackets and shock mounting brackets, springs 28 in side to side, axle 50.5 in center to center; cleaned up and painted for 150.00 but I know I can do better....I plan to use as front suspension on gasser coupe chassis with cross steering, sb Chev...engineered components looks like a good bet...thanks...

Phat 02-19-2002 09:00 PM

Not to be a wise guy but offer him 50 bucks.I have a pile of them here and most times end up throwing them away.Most are pretty worn out in the spindle area and have to be bored and oversize bushings installed(something you wont notice from it laying on the ground)Paint and some king pins will cost yah about 55 bucks.Its up to you.But i think he will have it a long time.besides its six bolt pattern if its stock(unless someone put car drums on it) The basic kit form ECI costs 125 bucks you have to supply the rotors(about 35-40bucks each)the calip(about 15-20 each rebuilt) and wheel bearing.We used to use the old econoline axle in the old gassers. Also check speed way you may be able to buy a brand new axle for the same cash with disc and springs.(same as the axle with a disc kit) Good luck, i would not rush into it he will have it along time. :D

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