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Torque454 01-11-2010 09:50 PM

52 inch springs vs 56 inch springs
I have a set of 8 leaf springs currently on my 79 chevy 1/2 ton pickup. They measure out to be the 56" springs.

I also have a set of 8 leaf springs from an 86 3/4 ton pickup that measure out to be the 52" springs. The holes are in the frame already for me to be able move the spring hangers around to allow use of the 52 inch springs.

I assume the 52" springs, since they are for a 3/4 ton, will hold weight better than my 56" springs, even tho they are both 8 leafs. Correct? Or should I just stick with what I have?

Bryan59EC 01-12-2010 06:21 AM

Just the fact that they are shorter will increas capacity.

What is the GVW of your truck???? 5600 or 6200.
Both of these trucks used the same rear springs that are dangerously
close to the most common 3/4 ton rear springs---6400 GVW

If you have a 5600gvw truck---change the front springs and add a sway bar (from a 3/4)----quick and easy way to get to your (close to) 3/4 capacity.
If a 6200 gvw----leave it alone---already right at 3/4 ton rating.
The 4900gvw trucks only had 3 or 4 leafs in the rear, weak front springs and no sway bars at all in 79

I cannot recall, but I thought the 3/4 rear springs were a bit wider as well?
This would be a front hangar change and rear shackle change.

Torque454 01-16-2010 11:58 PM

I *think* 3/4 ton springs are the same width as the 1/2 ton springs, I think its the 1 ton springs that are wider. I could be wrong but that was always the way I understood it. I'll have to look at the sticker on my truck to know which GVWR it has. I'm sure its the 6200 tho. No sway bar on it but I have the sway bar from the 3/4 ton including the brackets on the frame. I also have the entire front suspension from the 3/4 ton truck. Even the crossmember. Rotor to rotor, control arm to control arm. It's going under the 1/2 ton at some point but it will be down the road.

However, I have the 14 bolt FF 4.10 axle also from the 3/4 ton truck and its going under the truck NOW. I need a new master cylinder since mine is bad so i'm guessing i'll have to have one for the 3/4 ton considering it will have 3/4 ton brakes and suspension.

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