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Originally Posted by joe_padavano View Post
Well, we agree on one thing - the O.P. shouldn't care what anyone else thinks, you and me included.

Funny thing, but when I go to a car show and ever car has an SBC under the hood, THAT'S boring.

LOL, I was thinking the same thing. But honestly, I don't hate the SBC, not by a long shot. It is one of the greatest motors in history, obviously it's a good choice. But it isn't magical, most ANY motor will do the same thing for what most people need, a little motor to drive around their hot rod or vintage car, ANY motor would do in 99% of the cars at a Goodguys event. For driving a car and having fun with an occasional throttle romp, most any motor would full fill the owners desires.

And I WILL go check out that 57 Chevy with the hot little small block, I will dig that 32 Ford with the period piece intake and valve covers that match the cars theme, I will cheer at the "Freight train" twin small block rail smoking the tires the entire 1/4 mile. But that stone stock appearing 63 Stude with the 350/350 crate motor.....yawn. That 34 Ford with the Chopped top and American five spokes with the TPI 350.....yawn.

The thing is, a LOT of people honestly think you MUST put a small block Chevy in at the first sign of trouble. Being a Buick nut for years you can not believe the stuff I have heard! How about a guy here in town with a 55 Buick who when asked why he pulled the original motor and put in a SBC with a total straight face he said the Buick "didn't run". How about the very cool Chevy pickup with the 235 in it that had an oil leak that no one could fix. One was a classic, a beautiful 401 at a swap meet, covered in cool aluminum goodies, he pulled it out of a vintage hot rod he had bought. When asked if it runs he said he never even tried to get it running! He pulled it out JUST because it was a Buick that he didn't have any experience with, where he knew about Chevys. He told us this!

For goodness sakes, use the motor you want and get it on the road. But don't be fooled into thinking the small block Chevy is going to some how make your life easy. Like I said, I dig having something interesting, that isn't only when it's done, it's the journey. Finding out about that motor you knew nothing about, that is fun to me. When I got my Rambler I knew NOTHING about these cars, I didn't know how many years the motor was used, if the next year was any different, if they had a high performance one, if they were all three speeds, if the motor was in any other model, I didn't even know the displacement, I knew NOTHING about them. In a short while I gained a bunch of info and never looked back. I could have had a small block Chevy in there in a week end for goodness sakes. But I sure wouldn't have the fun opening the hood and showing people the motor all the time in store parking lots like I do! The people who aren't even car nuts, they are blown away by how simple it is.


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