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slingslingbinks 10-18-2004 08:29 PM

55 chevy, 265 rear main seal
I'm trying to replace a rear main seal on a 1955, 265 small block chevy. The orgional seal is a roap type. Does anyone know of a 2 piece lip seal that will fit the block and main cap. The engine is in the car and the replacement roap seal installation into the block bite's. The seal won't pull into place with the installer and it keeps pealing it back even with the main's loosened up and the crank droped down. Some one must make a 2 piece lip seal that will fir this app. Does anyone have any ideas for me other than pulling the engine and crank and installing the roap seal per the repair manual. tks' sling

11echo 10-19-2004 01:52 AM

slingslingbinks, well I'm sorry to tell you but I've never seen a replacement seal for the rope one. I've built a few Pontiacs in my time, 326, 389, & 421 ...they all used the rope seal. Actually it's not a bad sealing method either! Afew tricks to use, be sure the rope channels are clean! Take a coal chisel and but some "dings" in the channel (this helps from spinning the seal). Try to get a solid piece of wood or pipe about the same diameter as the crank journal and use a rubber mallet to "seat" the rope in the channel. Use a razor to cut the rope ends flush & clean, then use some silicon sealer on the rope ends.
It's not a hard job if done correctly, and will last as long as any factory seal my experience. Just don't complicate the issue by trying to do this with the car jacked up, pan off, and just the rear bearing block off. ...And maybe flat on your back!!? ...It may be a "pain" to pull the engine, but remember the old adage ..."Never enough time to do it right, but aways enough time to do it over!" Truer words were never spoken! ...Again, in my experience, Good Luck to you Sir. ...Mark

k-star 10-19-2004 04:56 AM

I have never seen anybody put a rope seal in with the crank still in place and not have it leak!!!!

But there is good news there is a replacement that is a lip seal design like a standard small block.

The bad news is i just can not remember for the life of me where i got them???? I still have one left and if you cannot find one i'll sell it to you if you need it. I'll try and look to see if i can find where i bought it from.....


slingslingbinks 10-19-2004 06:48 AM

i found this and i wonder if it would work

k-star 10-19-2004 06:59 AM

Thats the one i used. I installed it in the last 57 283 i rebuilt. No runs, drips or errors....... I did not buy from them but i am sure it's the same seal.....


killerformula 10-19-2004 09:27 AM

is it possible to order a one-piece adaptor? I know they exist....


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