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loverofyahshua 09-21-2012 09:58 PM

55mph, 700r4 went neutral, Pump?
My transmission was rebuilt, by a shop. The owner died, the shop was sold. The transmission has less than 2 years on it. I had the van towed. It's 6.2 Diesel, 6 lug torque converter. After pulling the trans, I could see the vane holder was broken. It this an earlier 700r4 problem, or could it be the torque converter is not truel round? Will this hapen again? This is a diesel torque converter, with 6 lugs.

SSedan64 09-21-2012 10:12 PM

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The Pump Rotor was broken?
Some of the cheap Aftermarket Rotors do have a problem of breaking, mainly the 13-Vane Rotors. If the TC/TorqueConverter was not concentric it would have caused damage much sooner. You could have it checked to be sure tho'.
The Pump Body will be scored/gouged & probably need to be machined or a Remann Pump installed.

loverofyahshua 09-23-2012 03:16 AM

GM 700R4 Diesel, Torque Converter Bolts
Just recently, as I was pulling the transmission, I discovered the 6 count torque converter bolts loosened. I then pulled the transmission out. the Torgque Converter was LOCKED UP. I could find ZERO metal particles in the trans. I added the dots together, that the lossened Torgue Converter bolts, 6 count, had allowed the vibration, created @ 55 MPH, and this is what busted the Hub. Thankfully, no metal was transfered into the transmission. I think I will find another transmission, or just a pump, and use the same Torgue Converter. I cannot see any damage to the hardened steel drive, on the Torque Converter, just the cast Iron Hub, with the vanes in it. Thanks for Reading, time will tell. This Transmission ran GREAT, for close to 2 years, city driving, but it was the 55 mph, freeway speed, that did the damage. My bad was, I did not add locktite or lockwashers, on the 6 count Torque Converter Bolts.

Crosley 09-23-2012 09:35 AM

I would suggest a close look at the converter drive hub. When the pump rotors break, the end of the converter hub will get buggered up some as the engine runs

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