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Nailhead2x4 04-04-2013 10:40 PM

56 Chrysler Guages Voltage ?
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......I have been searching but can't find the answer. Does anyone know what voltage the guages run at in a 56 chrysler 12v system ? I put them in my 49 chev 5 window truck. I bench tested the temp and fuel guages. I used 12 volts for the test and all seemed very good, test period was about 20 minutes and nothing even got warm. I used a universal fuel tank sending unit 30-110 ohm and it shows very accurate in the test. The temp sender was from a early 80's chev truck. I heated the temp sender and the guage went up some but not sure how accurate it is yet, but it looked normal behavior. Amp meter I'm not using with the delco 100 amp alternator. I don't want to fry the guages if they can't take 12-14 volts continuos. I know chrysler products in the 60's used a volt regulator for the dash to run @ 5-6 volt , but I don't know if the 56 guages are suppose to run at 5-6V or are ok @ 12V ? . If anyone knows if 1956 used a volt regulator for the guages or am I safe to use 12-14V ? Thanks for any info.

vicrod 04-05-2013 02:06 PM

smoke test
In 1953 Chrysler-Imperial brand switched over to 12 volt. No other Chrysler products switched. Info is from an old shop manual certainly not my memory.
I don't any info about your question if the gauges used a voltage controller or not.
If you have already used 12 volts to test the gauges, my initial guess is your probably OK. The internal gauge workings would have fried right away if they were rated at 6 volt.
I would recommend that you test the gauges at 6 volts to see how they work. If they work OK then go with 6 volt controller.
Or if you can find an archived parts book from that year to see if they used a voltage controller.


Nailhead2x4 04-05-2013 10:41 PM

..........thanks for reply vicrod. Yeah, I just haven't found a place yet that can tell me if 56 used the voltage regulator. Agreed, it seems that it is ok on my initial 12V test , but I want to make sure . I ordered a regulator from Napa a month ago, there was none in stock in Canada !! , but it just came in from the USA so I can try it now. Just harder now to try cause I got the guages in the dash now and all wiring done, but I'll just have to crawl up under the dash and hook up the regulator and pull out the tank sending unit to try how it reads E to F . If anyone still finds the answer please post, Thanks guys.

sparkchaser 04-06-2013 06:11 AM

I have a 56 Chrysler service manual and it shows the gauges to be the electromagnetic type and not using a voltage regulator. Sometime in the 60's Chrysler went to the thermal bi-metal type gauges that required a voltage regulator. Vicrod is right, the gauge would have fried if it required a voltage regulator.

Nailhead2x4 04-06-2013 08:39 AM

.....THANKS sparkchaser, that is the info I needed to hear. Thanks guys for the replies, much appreciated.

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