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57 Chevy- convertible from 2dr post?

Yeah, I know. This again. I know this question/issue has been raised several times in the past, but it never seems like there is any kind of definitive answer as to how feasible it actually is or isn't. So I'll try to be as specific as possible with my goals and reasons for asking this in the first place.

Here's the thing- I already have several projects of my own, but have been kicking around the idea of building a 57 convertible cruiser for my parents as a retirement present. The primary constraint being I'm definitely not looking to make this a 50k+ build, and definitely not a concourse car, just a decent looking sunday cruiser. I've been looking for real vert for close to 3 yrs now with no real worthwhile candidates (either ridiculously overpriced or not much left beyond a pile of dust, and even those are usually overpriced). At this point I'd rather just get moving on something than waiting til the cows come home to find a real vert worth building. I have pretty extensive experience with fab/welding/body/collision/paint/etc, I've always done virtually all my own work, and have even done a few convertible conversions in the past, so unless the bodies are just completely different proportionally, I don't see what is so undoable about this.

And my reason for saying 2dr post is that these things are a dime a dozen, and i would never ruin an otherwise good hardtop, I would just keep it a hardtop. Same reason why I won't cut my 54 hardtop

So my main q is for the real hardcore fabricators here- just how far off is a real vert body from a post once you cut the roof and posts? Meaning- aside from chassis differences and body reinforcing/braces/etc, if you put a real vert body and a cut post body next to each other, are they basically identical? Meaning in terms of proportions- trunk length/etc? Like could you cut a 2dr post and fit a convertible top right on? What is the main hold up that make so many people say that it can't be done/too much of a hassle/not worth doing?
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