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Originally Posted by RetiredHotRodder
Thanks for the info and the link Augusto.

You had mentioned:

>not to question your project, but why doing all that machine work for only 200 cubes? I would use a 300 cid (also known as the 4.9) inline six ford that has external intake and exhaust manifolds? plus the 100 extra inches will give you a much rewarding engine, and with the six carbs it would just look awsome.
I'm already installing an I6 300 in my son's granada, look at my pictures, or the thread I started for it :

I'm sort of in a similar situation as you are as far as why I'm using a 200 and doing all that machine work on a 200.
This is also a fun project I'm teaching my grandson some skills as we go along, like sheet metal work, welding, torches, proper use of power tools, the lathes, mill, drill press, etc. I just hadn't mentioned it before due to my post already becoming rather lengthy.

Why a 200? I have 3 of them in my garage coupled to standard transmissions. I'll be showing my grandson how to rebuild a simple standard transmission as well as the engine work and upgrades for both strength and performance.
All the machine work in my case is basically free since I have the equipment in my garage and am a retired machinist and welder.

I can buy sheets of aluminum at cost to make the T style body from and have the sheet metal equipment in my garage also so that will keep costs way down.

I also have several motorcycle engines on my garage shelves with some decent Mikuni carbs on them. I can show my grandson how to rebuild the first one, then let him take it from there with the following other 5 carbs. These are all some of the things I've just got great deals on over the years and could not part with them.

I had a Yamaha Maxim 750 before I retired. I put a Kerker 4 into 1 muffler on. The sound of that Kerker was so great I nearly had a mental orgasm the first time I fired it up. So I'm giving some thought to using 2 Kirkers on this 200 inline with 3 into 1 (2 times), by running the exhaust tubes individually as long as possible down the side of the hot rod for more torque, then couple 3 exhaust tubes into 1 collector to attach the Kirkers to near the end with 2 kickout exhaust tubes on the end of the Kerkers. Before I actually use two Kerkers I'll do my homework to make sure the flow & cfm is good for this set-up.

In this case, I have nearly everything I need for this project that will help keep costs down.

I'm estimating our little hot rod project shouldn't weight over 1,000 pounds, so the power to weight ratio should be satisfactory and a fun little hot rod to play around with.

Your son's and your 300 inline project sounds great. As sixes go, I've always liked the Ford 300. If I had some 300's as readily available as the three 200's I already have, I'd be using the 300. It's a great choice.

Best wishes.
sounds like a real fun project, and doing it with your grandson is enough reason to start it.

Please post a pic of the head once it's milled down the manifolds, I wonder if there's enough meat inside to machine a flat surface for the manifolds, you might have to weld up a lot, probably some water jackets will show up, I'm really courious to see how it's inside.

No problem about the mc carb's lack of accelerator pumps, they don't need one, the vaccum slide takes care of it, you already know bikes and how they work just fine with them mikunis.

About the Kerker, yes I know the sweet sound they make, orgasmics to say the least, but I'm sure thet's not possible with a car engine, I have tried for years with 4 cylinders but no luck, some come close but not, I'm sure is a combination of cam timing, ligth weight cranks, high revs, short runners, etc which combine for that incredible sound, but I'm sure your six will sound good, I will not use a header, just a free flowing 2.5" pipe with 2 glaspacks, I might build a 3Y header later.

keep us posted and don't forget the pics, good luck amigo.
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